Visual Quality Inspection

Cut Defect Detection Costs while Ensuring Employee Safety with Vision Intelligence System

The glass needs to be worked with precision. The material is smooth enough to highlight a single scratch. Sometimes it gets hard for the human eye to catch little defects such as cracks, scratches, discoloration, etc. Moreover, be incredibly careful while working with glass as a single glass particle can make you go blind, damage your lungs, or at least give you cuts. Therefore, employees working in this area must be cautious. In addition to it, human-based inspection demands high investments. That’s why many big manufacturers are now shifting to Visual Quality Inspection 

It is a Machine Vision System that detects even minute defects via cameras and doesn’t even demand human assistance. It is self-sufficient to detect defects on its own. Some Manufacturing Inspection Software, such as Vision Intelligence System developed by Trident Information Systems is AI-based; it can adjust itself in a similar environment without you having to make additional changes. For instance, it can still detect defects accurately if the lightning is different, or the size of an object is different. It can also work just fine even if the item is placed in a different location.  

It can easily detect defects such as: 

  • Distortion Detection: any refraction on the windshield, side glass, etc.  
  • Little Defects: Little defects such as dirt, dust particles, little scratches, patch marks, and so on.  
  • Logo Inspection: It checks if all the logos are accurately printed. It also checks the accurate dimensions of any distortion and irregularities.  
  • Check Fixatives: It even checks for the hard glue and gaps appearing in the joints, also, bubbles and anything else.  

What Does the Visual Quality Inspection Give to Your Business? 

The Vision Intelligence System gets you noticed by your customers due to the excellent quality of your final product. With this technology, many businesses have accomplished an upgraded quality standard and managed to get three times more ROI. This technology helps you to: 

Cut Costs: Despite this, many manufacturers still tend to trust old defect detection methods i.e., human-based inspection. It is more costly and time-consuming. Vision Quality Inspection instead, helps cut costs and effort. Having a machine doing all the work at triple speed and half the cost will increase your profit, and profit margin at the same time.  

Detect Accurately: Humans only inspect a single sample from a batch, which increases the risk of errors. The Machine Vision System, however, detects each item thoroughly. It checks for every scratch, crack, and fixative on the glass. Many businesses so far have even witnessed an upgraded glass product quality.   

Work with Consistency: Your employees can fall sick or stay absent for whatever reason while impacting your productivity, but Visual Quality Inspection will never ditch you. It will work 24/7 with the same enthusiasm and consistency. It detects defects with the same accuracy and without getting tired.  

Adjust in a Similar Environment: Human eyes may get confused in different lighting or different product size. However, an AI-based Visual Quality Inspection like Trident’s Vision Intelligence System provides the same results even if the environment is slightly different such as in different lights, different sizes, different shapes, and so on.  

Attract More Customers: With decreased costs and greater speed, you are bound to see a whopping profit percentage. You can attract more customers with faster deliveries and enhanced quality glass, and you can even provide attractive offers, deals, and discounts to your regular customers.  

Why Vision Intelligence System? 

Trident’s Vision Intelligence Systems is an AI-based Visual Quality Inspection Software that is specifically designed for manufacturers. It provides tangible and valuable manufacturing intelligence aid promoting better quality process and production. This Defect Detection System helps:  

  • Interesting upcoming defects and preventing delays.  
  • Finding the cause of an issue while enhancing the output. 
  • Cutting time with the digital defect-reporting process.  
  • Eliminating the need for product sampling.  
  • Analyzing real-time root cause.  

If you are looking to implement Vision Intelligence System into your glass manufacturing plant, you can contact Trident Information Systems. We have designed this product to ease the burden of manufacturers in different industries; glass is one of them. You can ensure 24/7 consistent work in your factory as our dedicated team of experts are there for your assistance so you can experience a disturbance-free process. Contact us for further information.