6 benefits of Upgrading Your Retail Business to Secured Cloud 

Cloud-driven industries have boosted growth up to 380% in the past decade. Considering that up to 90% of the world’s data was generated between 2011 and 2012, we need more space for data storage. There is plenty of cloud-based Retail Management Software available in the market however, it is recommended to pick a unified secured commerce solution to save time, money and cut complications with all real time data visibility, security & reliability. 

There are many challenges that non-cloud retail management systems face. In this blog, we will discuss such challenges and how Cloud-Based ERP for Retailers can combat them.  

A Comparison Between Non-Cloud and Secured Cloud Services   

Some retailers prefer the Cloud whereas some prefer a non-cloud approach, let us see which one more growth is friendly. 

Data Security   

Data is as important as profit for a business, everything in retail runs on data. Be it inventory data, customer data, balance sheet and so. Such data needs to be preserved specifically otherwise losing them can cause some serious business losses. Non-cloud approaches are prone to such issues. 

As compared to on-premises storage, cloud data storage is always more effective as it prevents the loss of enormous amounts of data; it is easily accessible and recoverable. Upgrading to the cloud you are promised data security and data protection strategies. Since retail businesses deal with a great deal of confidential data, it is recommended to upgrade to a highly secured data security plan to prevent unauthorized penetration.  

Inventory Management    

Non-Cloud businesses face some factual issues in this area since Customers these days are becoming very impatient. They do not care how you manage your inventory. If they do not find what they need right away, they leave your store quickly and find it in another store. 

You can access supply chain visibility with a cloud-based POS (point of sale) and allows you to actively manage stock anytime anywhere. As Retail Management Software, they can check up on their inventory anytime virtually. Also, they can access the status of their fresh inventory shipments. This way the retailers can ensure the availability of stock all the time. 

Customer Experience  

Once the customer finds what they need, waiting in a long check-out queue is certainly not in their mind. A quick and seamless check-out experience can impact your customer count significantly. 

The secret to any business growth is delighted customers. An ideal unified solution that offers retail CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) software can benefit your business’s customer service. It helps retain and draw more customers, generates deals, offers, discounts, and other loyalty programs. Customers tend to avoid services that do take customer services seriously. Thus, it is a must-have feature ev