Why are Contactless Self Services Now Trending in the Hospitality Industry? 

Digital transformation is reshaping industry operations, especially in hospitality. Hospitality ERP Software is among the top solutions that restaurant owners are opting for now. Covid-19 Pandemic has boosted the digital evolution even further, because of which it has become a necessity to help keep up with this neck-to-neck competition where everyone is struggling with survival and maintaining profit at the same time. There is plenty of Hospitality ERP Software available in the market which offers contactless services like POS (point of sale), real-time data analysis, front, and back-office integration, etc.  

It has become obvious why this industry requires ERP for Hospitality, it faced various challenges which could only be combated with contactless technology.  

  • Social Distancing 
  • Retaining Customers  
  • Long Waiting Lines  
  • Maintaining Hygiene  
  • Lack of coordination between the front and the back office.  

Social Distancing 

operating a restaurant and complying with government social distancing regulations became the biggest challenge of all time. Business owners needed well-equipped Restaurant Management Software to keep up with the regulations and maintain a good customer inflow.  

Retaining customers 

 In this dynamic era where consumers are constantly changing their demands and needs, restaurants need to adopt new strategies to retain existing customers and lure new customers to their business. This Hospitality ERP Software, with its dynamic tools, help you make customer-retaining strategies.  

Long Waiting Lines 

Traditionally the customers had to wait in the long queues after arriving or leave the restaurant to complete the ordering and billing process. However, now they need Hospitality ERP Software to make the process less frustrating and time-consuming. 

Maintaining Hygiene 

 These days, one of the biggest challenges of all time includes maintaining hygiene, since the COVID-19 outbreak, this has become of the topmost concern of all times.  

Lack of Coordination in the Back and Front Office 

It gets quite tricky to maintain coordination between the front and the back office without a contactless service. A cloud-based POS can help with the issue. As soon as the order is placed the information will be flashed to the designated kitchen counter. This not only saves time but also maintains coordination between the front and the back office.  

How Contactless Service Upgrades the Hospitality Industry?  

Going contactless can have tremendous benefits; from maintaining hygiene to boosting customer inflow, you can witness it all. Its further benefits include: 

  • Ensured Safety: one of the biggest concerns these days is maintaining hygiene and ensuring safety. Covid-19 has reconfigured the complete hospitality preface. Contactless services ensure touchless dine-in, payments, and other services, which helps build confidence in the customer’s eyes. Apart from this you are entitled to faster operations and do not have to fear data loss since everything is stored in the cloud.  

  • Increased Mobility and Flexibility: an advanced Restaurant POS Solution makes sure the orders are accurately and instantly placed, straight from the table to the kitchen. It can also display nutritional and allergen information. Everything is extremely handy, which ends up saving your staff’s efforts. Therefore, they can serve each customer more attentively enough with greater enthusiasm. On one hand, they can bill from a device and on the other hand, they can take care of an entire group of customers enjoying their meal at the terrace. This is the magic of mobile POS.  

  • Loyalty Programs: you can get real-time data at hand and track customer behavior to generate individual deals, offers, discounts, and other loyalty programs with Hospitality ERP Software. This is extremely helpful to retain existing customers and luring new customers into the business. Track your customer’s spending pattern and use it to your advantage. Get real-time market data and launch happy hours. Prepare meal deals, exclusive offers, and discounts for your customers.  

  • Cut Costs and Boosts Profit: you can have real-time data at hand which ensures better business insights and suggests the number of ingredients needed, so you could order just the amount you need and minimize wastage. Therefore, it helps cut costs and increases profit margin. Also, you can cut down on inventory you do not need at all. Get it out of your list and use the balance on something more productive.  

  • Develops a Goodwill: adopting contactless service not only makes business operations seamless, saves time, and cuts costs but also helps in building goodwill. It is a good measure to rapidly draw customers and generate a brand name. Everyone is drawn to more comforting and quicker services. Mobile POS allows seamless ordering, payments methods, and customizations which adds up as one of the precise qualities of your business.  

  • Back and Front Office Integration: Using a Restaurant Back-office Management Solution you can experience great back and front office integration and make the ordering and serving process seamless. Hospitality ERP Software identifies the exacts amount of ingredients needed and place orders accordingly. Everything gets faster when the cloud comes into play. You can take orders via mobile POS and transmit the same data to the correct kitchen counter. It saves the staff’s time and efforts which would have been consumed by doing everything manually.  

Adopting a Hospitality ERP Solution for your hospitality business can reap tremendous benefits, especially during this cutthroat era. Make sure you avail yourself of assistance from a reliable service provider with years of experience and relevant skills such as Trident Information Systems who are also a Gold Partner of Microsoft. For further information or a demonstration, contact us.