Things to Consider While Choosing Smart Manufacturing Software for Apparel Industry  

The apparel industry is one of the most dynamic industries of all time since fashion changes in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, keeping up with the overwhelming rate of specific regulations, dizzying standards, and ever-changing customer preferences get on the manufacturer’s nerves. Adopting advanced Apparel Manufacturing Software can help your business become more flexible, adaptable, and focused. However, in the pool of advanced software, it might get a little tricky to pick out the best option.  

Apparel Manufacturing might be prone to certain issues such as frequently changing production planning, insufficient information, high lost time due to operator absenteeism, longline setting time, and so on.  

Thus, we will discuss some technological essentials Apparel Manufacturing Software must have through this blog’s medium.  

How to Choose Ideal Apparel Manufacturing Software?  

It can be a bit challenging to look for ERP Software for Garment Manufacturing. Therefore, there are certain factors you need to take care of when choosing one. Getting technical support for apparel manufacturing can outthrow the maximum obstacles you may stumble upon with traditional manufacturing management. Make sure you consider the factors given below before finalizing them:  

Go Beyond Supply Chain Management 

The supply chain includes sourcing, scheduling, transportation, warehousing, and so on. Thus, it plays an essential role in manufacturing. However, it is important to note that the process extends to sales, production management, product data management, customer relationship management, and IT as well. This means you need to look beyond supply chain management to find ERP Software for Garment Manufacturing Company. Since all these disciplines play a vital role in running a manufacturing organization and picking the right solution, you must consider every aspect of your business before making the final decision.  

Seek Advice from Internal Experts 

Gather a team of experts within your business to execute the selection process. Staff that are responsible for managing ERP projects can guide better to the must-haves to overcome the challenges. Each team member must be specialized in their field and must possess a thorough understanding of the ongoing apparel manufacturing process. They must also recognize the consequences of events taking place in one department over other departments. Without thorough research, ERP selection may lack certain features.  

Ask IT Department  

The IT department plays a pivotal role in implementing the Best Software for Garment Manufacturing since they will be responsible for its maintenance. Another thing that needs consideration is change management. Some IT workers might resist change to an extent. It is important to accept and embrace change during the transit period.  

Choose the Right Implementation Partner  

This is one of the most important Apparel Manufacturing Software selection aspects. Choosing the right implementation partner is as important as choosing the right Apparel Manufacturing Software. Since a partner is expected to stick around for at least five years ahead, this portion must not be taken casually.  

Make sure you check your prospect solution provider’s customer reviews. Consider up to three industrial references and compare their experiences. Also, make sure they have relevant experience in the industry. one such example is Trident Information System, a Microsoft Gold Partners since 2004, who have served various business ventures so far.  

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central: Your All-in-One Manufacturing Solution.  

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the most renowned Apparel Manufacturing Software. You can effectively manage your production: bills of Orders, production orders, supply planning, and capacity requirement planning. Flexible features and real-time data help you make more meaningful decisions that directly affect the outcome of your business.  

Bills of Materials  

Your Bills of Material impacts warehouses, transportation fleets, and containerships. The Dynamics NAV Manufacturing Bills of Material is a robust and easily maintained feature due to its unique functions. For Instance, new routings designs enable routing and bills of material comparison. It also allows independent functioning for assigning labor to purchase orders, tracking labor posts, requisitioning POs to BOMs (Bill of Materials) running in Dynamics NAV.  

Production Orders  

You can easily manage production orders and forecast consumption against manufacturing data within the Apparel Manufacturing Software. After creating a new production order, they can easily calculate the net requirements. The production order platform consists of traditional planning tools that do not prefer automatic planning.  

Demand Forecasting  

You can make forecasts per item. Input demand forecast per product more conveniently. The system computes the forecast data and generates production and purchase orders comparing them with inventory level and requirement planning parameters.  

Machine Center Allocation 

While working with Dynamics Business Central Apparel Manufacturing Software, you can add machine center modules that are designed to take care of a machine production unit. You can plan and manage capacity from two perspectives: a synthesized perspective for work centers and a comprehensive view of machine centers. This feature enables the users to save additional manufacturing data, like set-up times and scrap percentages within the system.  

Agile Manufacturing  

Through Business Central’s interactive planning and tracking, you can design rush orders, make last-minute design changes, and make exceptions. Users can add certain manufacturing capacities, specific production order routing and make better replenishment strategies. You can easily view each load and task via individual capacities.  

Looking for an Implementation Partner? Pick Trident! 

Trident Information Systems have been implementing software services for a couple of decades. Maneuvering Microsoft’s flexible and robust services coupled with our diligence; we have managed to gain a massive clientele. After winning multiple awards, we claimed Microsoft’s and LS Retail’s Gold partnership.  

Our Credentials Comprise 

  • Microsoft Dynamics President Club winner from Microsoft, 2011. 
  • Gold-certified partner for Microsoft Dynamics, Ongoing. 
  • Strategic Partner to Microsoft for Azure IoT (Internet of Things). 
  • Vertical Add-On development for Logistics and Transport. 
  • One of the top 5 strategic partners to Microsoft for Dynamics AX in Retail in India. 
  • Expertise in verticals of Retail, Construction & Real Estate, Manufacturing & Logistics. 
  • Add-on Developed for HR & Payroll for MBS Dynamics NAV (Dynamics NAV Partner in India). 
Trident Information Systems is a Gold Microsoft Dynamics Implementation Partner. Our team of experts have managed to maintain a robust track record. Our services exceed Indian borders. Contact us for further information or a demonstration.