Is Dynamics Business Central Ideal for Your Small to Medium Manufacturing Business? 

Microsoft Business Central is one of the best ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) for SMBs. All you have to do is look for the right Business Central Implementation Partner. If you run a small to medium manufacturing business, you may very well understand the need to remain competitive and agile in the market. Manufacturers are urged to respond as quickly as possible to meet customer demands. Failing to do so can cause them huge problems, especially for small to medium-sized manufacturers whose outputs depend upon how efficiently they fulfil their customers’ orders. In order to keep your operations running, you may as well take a look at the technology you are using right now. Is it capable enough to fulfil your business requirements? Are you working on disparate systems to track and maintain data?  

Considering business management, SMBs generally fall under three categories: first, where they use a legacy business management system, that neither scales nor is agile nor requires a lot of workarounds. In the second category, they might be using an entry-level business management solution that comprises a lot of manual efforts and third-party solutions. And in the third category, they might own a small warehouse and do not have a dedicated software solution at all.  

The matter of fact is that no business is small enough for a solution that ensures more flexible, efficient, scalable, and agile business management. Microsoft Business Central is one such solution that can help a business attain a streamlined environment to efficiently carry out their tasks while automating monotonous and manual areas and leaving enough time for your workforce to engage in more output-oriented activities.  

Business Central for Manufacturing Features  

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is a cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that collects and connects data from different areas of your business while presenting it in holistic actionable reports crucial for further decision making. Furthermore, it allows your team to access every critical data relevant to them, be it about production, quotes, and routing. Having a 365-degree view over their business, business owners can cohesively manage their business.  

Some of its features include but are not limited to:   

Production Orders: It allows the user to create production orders like firm planned, released, and generally planned orders. Once you have created one, you may calculate net requirements.  

Production Bill of Materials: You can create and manage bills of materials as well as calculate their standard costs. With the Production BOM (Bill of Materials), you can track input quantities either by dimensions or quantities.  

Machine Centers: It is a great resource management tool as it allows you to manage your Machine capacity and other production resources. It calculates its efficiency and encourages you to plan and manage them more efficiently.   

Capacity Planning: More than one machine can be integrated with the work center while helping the user manage shift capacity.   

Supply Planning: the user can efficiently plan material requirements according to demands including purchase orders, automatic production orders, action messages for balancing supply chain and demand more quickly.  

Agile Manufacturing: this allows you to process agile manufacturing, capacity planning, and supply planning modules.   

Sales and Inventory Forecasting: The user can get insights into expected sales and potential stock-outs. It is an intelligent system that benefits you to optimize historical data and manage stock. Based on the forecast, the system may as well assist generate replenishment requests for vendors.  

How Does Microsoft Business Central Benefit Your Small Manufacturing Business? 

 Apart from the manufacturing module, D365 Business Central’s key features include functionality for project management, supply chain management, HR management, financial management, and so on. Being a cloud-based solution Business Central ensures enough flexibility for businesses to scale and pull back as they need. The user pays as needed. 

Reduces Costs and Streamline Businesses 

It becomes a lot easier with Microsoft Business Central to track inventory in real-time. You can easily check how many items you have in stock and how many you are going to need. The real-time insights into your inventory drive better planning and decision-making. You can even use intelligence to accurately predict when you are about to fall short of inventory.  

Streamlines Business Operations and Cuts Costs  

As you have all your data in a single source, your business can level up in terms of performance. In other words, if a production manager makes certain changes in the plan, the same update will be accessible to the team at the same time hence encouraging them to take necessary actions and perform better. Similarly, sales forecasts can drive production plans, hence generating more efficiency as each department works hand in hand and boosts productivity.  

Centralized Production data to get more insights  

Having a single source of data can help you analyze ongoing trends in your business, thanks to its built-in business intelligence capabilities. Furthermore, by accumulating data on supply chain, production, product performance, and inventory, you can boost customer experience by delivering better products and customer services.   

Boost Product Quality  

It also enables you to set up a system that monitors the product quality status. By providing real-time reports on reports, shifts, components, etc., you can certainly deliver only high-quality products to customers.  

Cuts Production Time  

You can save production time by recording special requirements in a bill of material while optimizing it straight from the sales order and sales quotation without having to waste your time on back-and-forth emails. 

All and all, we can conclude that Microsoft Business Central is one of the ideal solutions for SMB manufacturing businesses. If you wish to explore more of its features, you can check out our page. Furthermore, if you are looking for a Business Central Implementation Partner, you may as well contact us. We provide a free demonstration, so you can build trust in our services and make the right decision. Contact us for further information.