Give Holiday Shopper the Best eCommerce Experience Ever

As the festive season arrives, it brings boundless joy, parties, and massive opportunities for retailers to strengthen their bond with the existing and new customers. This is the time when retailers can reinforce their eCommerce availability most probably with an ERP software for Ecommerce, since shoppers are predicted to make 65% for their purchases from eCommerce platforms.  

Indeed, they are going to purchase from the tangent store as well, as eCommerce cannot provide the striking display, employee suggestions, live inspection, etc. that physical stores have, still shoppers are most likely to purchase items online. Therefore, retailers need to use every facility at their disposal to ensure an excellent eCommerce shopping experience.  

Retailers must use an AI-based Platform to optimize their resources. One of the most common questions during the festive season is going to be “where is my order” and agents need to be as quick as possible during the heavy customer traffic. 19% of their time is dedicated to looking across an enterprise’s content sprawl or asking other officials to help them with the data.  

This situation must be avoided, or else the customer might cancel his order and look for the services elsewhere. We have accumulated a few tips to enhance the eCommerce shopping experience.   

Reinforce Your Workforce with the Right Tools and Support  

As more customer service agents are working from home, they need the right tools and support in order to maximize their efficiency. In fact, 42% of remote workers claim that their efficiency is directly proportional to the system they have been provided. As holiday shopping ramps up, they need to be quicker and more efficient with the growing customer traffic. Easy access to the relevant data will do the job.  

Customize Data-Based Recommendation  

Your eCommerce storefront might be more convenient than shopping in a tangent store, yet it cannot offer the aesthetics of a brick-and-mortar store such as employee assistance, real touch inspection, and signage. Therefore, you have to make sure they come across the products that are right for them. Use all the features at your disposal to provide a 360-degree view of your customer using a unified database. You can then use AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform like the one LS Central offers to create exceptional shopping experience, real-time inventory tracking, order tracking, deals and offers, etc.  

With cloud-based technology, you can suggest relevant products not only based on the shopper’s history but also current trends among other shoppers. With the help of data mapping, the system algorithms “learn” and modify according to this data while ensuring more precise decisions.  

Offer Multiple Platforms for Shopping 

Customers these days are busier than ever, which drives the need for e-commerce convenience. Most of them do not have enough time to go to the store and purchase items every now and then. Hence, they look up to eCommerce platforms as an alternative: social media, websites, and third-party apps. Allow different shopping platforms, and do not forget to integrate them for smoother operations. Allowing multi-channel integration using cloud technology can access and read customer data more swiftly while generating insightful reports.  

Leverage employees on placing orders wherever and whenever they want: be it while computing to the office, chilling out with friends, or even in the middle of a party. The options should be available.  

Keep Mobile Shopping Experience a Priority 

Having an eCommerce site is not enough to attract sales. Retailers must focus on the convenience of mobile phones. Mobile sure draws sales, but that does not mean people will stop coming to the physical store: they were shopping offline, and they still will. Many consumers choose e-commerce due to the risk of product unavailability at your store. You have to make sure your site can handle the waves of customers marching its way, especially during the festive period. It must work well on mobile, as well as let you track inventory and sales across all the channels. A unified system like LS Central optimizes the same database for all locations while ensuring transparent and real-time data of all the products you have.  

Deliver Flexible Options  

Last but not least, allowing shoppers delivery options play a huge role. In the case of online shopping, shoppers want their deliveries handled either quickly or cheaply, but most preferably both. However, according to some research, customers would rather prefer free over quick delivery. Most of them would even wait for 3-4 days in case the delivery is free. A unified ERP software for Ecommerce can take care of that.  

During the festive season, home delivery is not the only thing that customers want. Ensuring flexible options on purchase and return of a product could make a massive difference. 

To get an end-to-end vision of all sales, inventory, and business overall, businesses need a Unified Commerce System like LS Central that uses the same database for all the channels. If you are looking for an LS Retail Implementation Partner, contact Trident.