5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Restaurant POS Vendor  

Have you decided to get a new Retail POS Solution for your business already? Congratulations, you can now experience the seamless services that will positively impact your business. It ensures smooth services, transactions, and operations.  

With the right technology at hand, you can see tremendous changes in your business processing. If you decide to have a cloud Retail POS Solution like the one LS Retail offers, you can get real-time stock visibility and availability, get real-time generated reports, product information, and much more. If running a restaurant, you can access the best meal deals you can suggest to your clients, tell them about current offers or redeem their coupons. Your staff can take orders from one table and bill another table from the same device. 

However, be cautious when you decide to get a POS for your business. In the market where every vendor seems to be better than the other, you have to pick the most suitable one carefully, as it will impact your next 5-6 years.  The first step is to answer the following questions before moving ahead:  

Q1- What are Your Functionality Requirements? 

These days POS systems are more than just billing software. They have transformed into something greater. They cover a whole range of operations in your business. However, sometimes having to choose between so many functionalities can become an overwhelming task. Retail POS Solution can ensure employee time clock, biometrics login, customer database, online ordering, table tracking, mobile POS as well as recipe and ingredient management. 

They all seem good to have for your restaurant, don’t they? But is this the case? Having too many features can hamper your staff efficiency. They might get confused, overwhelmed, and perform tasks slowly. 

You must map your business requirements and segment them into must-haves, nice to haves, and extras. An ideal Retail POS Solution will be one that checks all your urgent requirements. Furthermore, having a system that responds to all your needs will save you a fortune as well as effort during its implementation phase. 

Q2- Is the POS Designed for Your Restaurant?  

Point of Sales does not follow “one size fits all” restaurants have requirements when it comes to selecting a Retail POS Solution. Sure, a retail system might cover some functionalities such as employee scheduling or customer loyalty. However, a POS system has diverse needs, from the front office to the back, it has different needs.  

Restaurant POS Solution is specifically designed for a restaurant will help the user manage their daily tasks such as tracking ingredient use, managing recipes, adding, or removing an ingredient, sending orders straight to the kitchen, keeping tabs on the available inventory and required inventory, selling deals, and combos, and a lot more. 

Do not settle for just any POS that comes your way. Put your time and effort into conducting research and then go for the one that checks all your required boxes.  

Q3- What are its Methods to Consistently Deliver Quick Services? 

Make sure the Retail POS Solution you choose follows a straightforward algorithm that ensures quick and consistent deliveries. Saturday nights are already hard, imagine adding a slow POS system to it. Ask yourself these questions before proceeding any further:  

Is the POS interface intuitive? Can it segment your employees according to their job roles at that time? Or show the functionalities that are currently relevant? 

  • Does it accept different payment methods? Or does it support split billing? 
  • Can it run on handheld devices like tablets or mobile phones?  
  • Can it still manage to perform if the internet connection goes down?  

Q4- What will be the ROI (Return on Investment) of this Retail POS Solution?  

It is a big commitment to have a Retail POS Solution, and having the right one will pay in the long run. Compare all the POS and check which offers the highest ROI. We suggest you ignore the upfront investment cost and consider how each of them is going to hit your bottom line.  

Make sure the POS you are looking forward could perform the following tasks:  

  • Spending less time training employees: In the industry with high employee turnover, you need technology that does not eat too much time training recruits. You can save a lot of money and time with an intuitive POS solution.  
  • Helps reduce waste: Make sure your POS system helps manage inventory while tracking ingredient use. It must help you order the right amount of food and help reduce waste.  
  • Manage Loyalty: Your system must segment and target your loyal customers. It must use technology to track each customer and identify the loyal customers. It should support loyalty programs.  
  • Align data: Having different systems for different segments while collecting and comparing data demands a lot of time and effort. Having an end-to-end POS solution integrates different segments and brings all the data under the same platform.  

  Q5- Is your Vendor Trustworthy? 

The market is full of vendors posing to be authentic and the best. However, do not fall into the trap. You do not want to select and install a random POS from a startup just because it is cheap. Make sure you opt for an authentic vendor, such as LS Retail.  

You may regret having a random POS even more when you run into problems and find out that your vendor does not provide any support. Always take references and see their previous record, this way you can find out if the POS is even worth or just a waste of money. 

It is important to wisely pick your POS system as it will impact your business for the next few years. Make sure you go through at least 5 references after checking their customers’ testimonies. LS Retail is one of the best Restaurant POS Software Vendors with an impactful record of accomplishment. If you are looking for an LS Retail implementation partner, contact us.