Restaurant Management System

Tricks Famous Restaurants Use to Instantly Improve Their Customer Services. 

Do you want to improve your customer services in an instant? Do you want to draw new customers and gratify the current customers more? Do you want to have a monopoly over their loyalty? If your current Restaurant Management System is unable to provide you with the efficiency you need, this blog will show all the ingredients you need to upgrade customer services at your restaurant.  

Did you know, customer experience is the major factor that derives from a restaurant’s success? People don’t pay $5 for just a cup of coffee at Starbucks but for the services. Danny Mayer, the famous restaurateur, revealed in the “How success happens” podcast that customer service leads to a restaurant’s success. For instance, you may shift to a Hospitality ERP Software that supports a POS System which allows multiple payment modes, and self-payment option and see the menu by just scanning the code; everything is packed with faster services. Other restaurants may not even consider this option due to various reasons. Hence you are way ahead of them.  

Even the industry leaders cannot agree more with it. In a recent survey from marketing agency Catalyst, most IT leaders and CIOs in the restaurant and retail industry disclosed that the center of their strategy is promoting customer satisfaction via services. They also believed that the best way to get deep insights into your customers is to invest in an agile CRM Software for Hospitality Industry.   

Catalyst interviewed 200 person-panels and found that about 46% of people aim at improving their customer services by the end of this year. While 31% prioritize adjusting their services to market trends while keeping customer behavior, desires, spending patterns, etc. in mind. The rest said they were focusing on improving the services they served their customers. Their Restaurant Management System plays a crucial part in supporting their strategy. If it fails to support them, they will shift to a better Hospitality Software in a heartbeat.  

Thus, customer service is the key. This blog reveals all the secret tricks which some of the renowned restaurants like Haldirams and Papa John use to instantly improve their customer services!  

Focus on an All-in-one Approach with Unified Restaurant Management Software 

Many restaurants run different systems for different purposes and don’t even realize how much it eats their time and resources, and how they could have invested this time to improve their services. By using different software for ERP and CRM, you are unnecessarily engaging your IT team. Big restaurants don’t waste their time on managing software. Rather, prefer a unified software such as LS Retail ERP which packs CRM along. They don’t even fuss about updates as they happen automatically without disrupting business operations. Their IT team focuses on developing custom solutions using a Restaurant Management System to support smoother and better quality customer services.   

Analyze Customer Data with the Right Tools to Create Strategies that Attract 

One of the biggest challenges restaurants come across is their inability to understand their customers. In the Catalyst survey, 49% of respondents said that understanding their customers is the most challenging part, the rest said they had no access to their customer data, and those who had couldn’t understand how to use them. It is necessary to incorporate agile features like Business Intelligence into your Restaurant Management Systemso you can draw customer data and create actionable and insightful reports out of it.  

Famous restaurants know what their customers want and how they can pursue them. They don’t create strategies randomly. They use tools that tell them exactly what their customers want and what might attract them. Haldirams and Papa Johns also use Power BI, which automatically comes with LS Retail Software Solutionto understand their customers. They just installed LS Retail POS in their restaurants and let the technology store process every transaction they make with their customers. They later accessed dashboards and reports which tell them precisely what their pattern is so they can carefully strategize their services.  

Pay Attention to Your Technology  

Successful restaurants are always on the latest technology. They prefer to use a unified technology that does not need much of their attention. They leave their maintenance responsibilities to the service provider. 

Where your competition uses the latest technology, using outdated technology can also push you back into the line, so be mindful of the version of technology you incorporate into your business.  

If you are wondering which Restaurant Management System will bring the best in your business, it’s LS Retail Software Solution. It is one of the best Restaurant Management Systems which provides everything you need on the same platform. In addition, it is hosted on Azure Cloud which ensures data safety and prevents data theft. You will technically never lose crucial data as it backs everything up on the cloud. If you are planning to implement it, you may Contact Trident Information Systems, a Gold Microsoft Implementation Partner, and LS Retail Diamond Partner