This One Solution is Enough to End all Your Cyber Security Concerns! 

In the previous year, a large UK supermarket experienced a security breach that kept mobile apps and websites down for two days. Due to the incapability of their Retail Software Solution, the business had to turn down deliveries and order processing which not only caused financial losses but also threw them in front of furious and frustrated customers. A piled-up complaint list waited ahead for them on the third day. Therefore, this majorly impacted the processing and goodwill of the company.  

Furthermore, being stressed about your security all the time hampers your business potential; you may not even make sensible decisions. You need to focus on other important aspects too such as managing your staff and helping customers at the store. Taking necessary breaks in between is a booster, but what is the point when you can’t even relax? 

Cyber security has become one of the major concerns today. Retail businesses especially are at substantial risk because breachers lurk for customer information such as credit card details, customer login credentials, and the list goes on. The security breach comes at an inflated cost; you may end up losing customers’ trust, and sometimes you may also become obligated for a penalty. 

As soon as retail business shifts to the cloud approach, they become vulnerable to such attacks instantly. However, being on the cloud is also necessary to stay intact in the competition, so what to do?  

Being on the cloud can attract unwanted attention, but there are solutions to it. Opting for high-end cyber security providing services that support retail businesses such as Microsoft Azure Services can provide bank-level security. According to the corporate vice president of Microsoft Azure and Security, Julia White, a few years ago customers refused to shift to the cloud due to security concerns, but now they wish for this because of security concerns. 

This blog further elaborates on how retailers can ensure end-to-end security by bringing Retail Software Solution to the Cloud, and which is the most viable option that’s ruling the industry.  

Invest in Retail Software Solution with a Secure Cloud Infrastructure 

If you are using a Software for Retail Shop hosted on a cloud that is incapable of tackling modern security breachers, you should make a quick shift. The security of any IT infrastructure is dependent on the cloud they are hosting on. Many businesses prefer to host their Retail Software Solution on servers physically located on their premises. But little do they realize that they do not have enough funds and knowledge to beat the ever-evolving security threats.  

Cloud business models provide round-the-clock security monitoring, and they also have enough resources to handle cyber security more than the user. Microsoft spends over USD1 billion on cyber security each year which makes them one of the ruling brands in the market. They thwart 1.5 billion overwhelming attempts in a day to make their system dexterously capable of beating 24/7 evolving cyber threats.  

Improve Business Visibility  

Having your business visibility improved gives you a better sense of security as you can then monitor every aspect of your business and spot potential threats. With Retail ERP Software such as LS Central, you can get a 360-degree view of your business in real-time. Furthermore, it has Power BI, which delivers actionable insightful dashboards. Therefore, you can immediately notice any abnormality happening around you and take necessary actions.  

Make Sure You Are on The Latest IT Version  

Running an outdated IT version is useless because hackers are getting smarter every day, you need to keep your IT version up to date. Retailers running their business on-premises struggle with updating their system as it is time-consuming and demands costs. However, with a cloud business model like Microsoft Azure, you are always on the latest version. Microsoft updates your entire Retail Software Solution without disrupting the process every other day and launches two updates twice a year for which the user is notified in advance.  

Furthermore, according to Gartner, public cloud workloads will face about 60% fewer security incidents than those in traditional data centers. Therefore, whether you are a small or a large retail enterprise, moving to the cloud can be your best decision in cyber security matters.  

Choose the Industry Leading Intelligence  

Retailers can tap into a wealth of threat security intelligence with Cloud. With the shared knowledge, not only can they prepare themselves for the possible threats, but also let them create tools to tackle the issue better for all.  

No matter how advanced a Retail Software Solution you use, you need to back it up with a secured cloud model. LS Central is rated as one of the best Retail Software Solution in the industry and is indeed leading it. Being hosted on Azure Cloud, it becomes entitled to automatic updates, the latest versions, high-end security, and a massive team of IT professionals having their back. If you are looking for LS Central Implementation, you can contact Trident Information Systems, a Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner, and LS Retail Diamond Partner. Contact Us for further information or a demonstration.