The Most Essential Technology in Production Environment – FMCG  

The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry is one of the most competitive industries. With low-profit margins and high consumer demand, production happens vastly. Defect Detection in Manufacturing plays a huge role in FMCG manufacturing. Establishing technological developments in production also fosters Machine Vision Inspection such as Vision Intelligence System and overall quality and productivity enhancement. One thing that matters the most in the end is the production quality. Customers have never been more empowered before. They demand A-level quality products for the price they pay. Hence the producers must take extra care of the quality of the final product.  

Manufacturers who have already embraced Manufacturing Inspection Software are ahead in the competition. Whereas those who are still skeptical need a change. Various manufacturers in India still prefer to go with manual inspection methods where the human eye detects defects. They believe it is a cheaper option but to enhance productivity, they have to employ fresh staff. Technology aids staff potential optimization. Lack of technology, in contrast, adds more cost.  

Vision Intelligence System by Trident Information Systems on the other hand, use AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to detect flaws and quickly report them to the concerned authority. Vision Inspection System by Trident Information Systems is one fine example of an ideal Machine Vision Inspection. This Machine Vision Application is excellent at detecting defects in FMCG items.  

How Does Vision Intelligence System Provide a Competitive Edge to Manufacturers? 

Vision Intelligence System offers a competitive edge using AI. It detects defects straight on the conveyor belt without human assistance. Since it is based on AI, it is pretty flexible; it can detect defects in a similar environment without extra modifications. Several reasons encourage infusing technology into the production environment.  

  • Maintains balance between productivity and quality: earlier, manufacturers struggled with maintaining quality and quantity. However, as soon as they introduce Machine Defect Detection in manufacturing, they can boost productivity and maintain product quality at the same time.  

  • Faster detection: Since it is the machine that is responsible for all the detection, no human interference is required, and the task is done efficiently without disturbances. Interestingly, it also maintains process consistency without any modifications needed.  
  • Fills employment gaps: This technology fills employment gaps in the manufacturing industry with its robust processing and zeroes human interference requirements. This allows you to engage your employees in other departments leaving no requirement to hire new employees.  

The Best Machine Vision System 

Vision Inspection System is the best Defect Detection in Manufacturing. Designed by Trident Information Systems specifically for manufacturers, it ensures; Accurate and seamless detection demanding no to low human interaction. Leaves free floor space and prevents staff from bumping into one another. Also fosters quick reporting and prompt responses. It also reduces inspection time, boosts manufacturing output, and most importantly, maintains process consistency.  

Vision Inspection System effectively catches any abnormality during FMCG production such as:  

  • Component Presence: It effectively checks if all the components are present. If either is absent, a report is then sent to the authorized person.  
  • Printing Accuracy: It ensures that packets are accurately printed. The designing, placement of logo, labeling, and color monitoring are thoroughly done.  
  • Operational Quality: You can easily check if all the processes are accurately taking place. Identify any shortcomings and take the necessary steps ahead.  
  • Dimensional Quality: This Vision Intelligence System measures dimensional accuracy against its geometric tolerance. It ensures that all the packaging meets its dimensional standards.  
  • Color Monitoring: Check if the item displays the correct or acceptable spectrum of colors. If the shade outraces its standards, the concerned authorities are immediately reported the same.  

  • Structural Quality: The system ensures that all the items are structurally accurate. It checks if all the caps are sealed. It also identified any wear and tear in the packaging.  
  • Detects Unwanted Components: It easily detects any unwanted components in the FMCG items like stones, dust, small animals, insects, and so on.  
  • Adhesion of Packaging: It checks if the packaging is properly pasted. All the corners and sticking together strongly and there is no scope for leakage or spillage.  

Additional Benefit for Employee Safety 

Vision Intelligence System also aids an added benefit to its manufacturers. They can use it to monitor employees. It tracks if employees are wearing the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) they are assigned. It also tracks their attendance. Additionally, it has a face monitoring feature that detects if employees wear masks. The authorized person can also detect if the staff is maintaining the obliged distance. 

Trident Information Systems designed a Vision Intelligence System to support manufacturers and provide a competitive edge. Machine Vision Inspection was specifically designed to provide a seamless and robust quality inspection. For a demonstration Contact Us