The Most Essential Technology in Production Environment – FMCG  

The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry is one of the most competitive industries. With low-profit margins and high consumer demand, production happens vastly. Defect Detection in Manufacturing plays a huge role in FMCG manufacturing. Establishing technological developments in production also fosters Machine Vision Inspection such as Vision Intelligence System and overall quality and productivity enhancement. One thing that matters the most in the end is the production quality. Customers have never been more empowered before. They demand A-level quality products for the price they pay. Hence the producers must take extra care of the quality of the final product.  

Manufacturers who have already embraced Manufacturing Inspection Software are ahead in the competition. Whereas those who are still skeptical need a change. Various manufacturers in India still prefer to go with manual inspection methods where the human eye detects defects. They believe it is a cheaper option but to enhance productivity, they have to employ fresh staff. Technology aids staff potential optimization. Lack of technology, in contrast, adds more cost.  

Vision Intelligence System by Trident Information Systems on the other hand, use AI (Art