4 Tips to Order the Right Quantity of Ingredients for your Restaurant Today! 

Running a restaurant is an extremely dynamic and spontaneous affair. It demands a robust management approach and a suitable Restaurant ERP Software Solution. One of the biggest challenges that restaurant businesses come across is waste management. There could be many aspects leading to waste but the most common one is the waste of ingredients.  

Having perishable properties, food ingredients need to be stored and used on time. Once it exceeds its time limit, it is better to throw them off. ERP for Restaurant Management like LS Retail can effectively help to cope with the issue. With its robust tools, live inventory tracking, recipe management, meal planning, etc. restaurant owners can control waste and cut costs effectively.  

Food waste adds a major proportion to costs. Therefore, restaurant businesses need to adopt a Restaurant Management ERP. It fosters many advantages that are not limited to cutting down waste:  

Live tracking and exact inventory management 

  • Error-free finance and administration with ERP for Restaurants.  
  • Reduced response time.  
  • Better customer relationships.  
  • Human resource optimization with automation.  

Order the Right Ingredient Quality for Your Restaurant with a Restaurant ERP Software Solution  

It is essential to control and check your food costs. Restaurants often struggle with rising prices of ingredients and bottleneck competition. Thus, they should be mindful about what they are ordering and in what quantity. LS Central Software Solution is the ideal Restaurant ERP Software Solution in this case. There are a few other tips you can follow:  

Automate Inventory Monitoring  

Food costs stand for one-third of total business expenses in the food and beverage industry. A Restaurant ERP Software Solution will connect sales, kitchen, and inventory altogether. This way the user can claim absolute visibility on the usage of their ingredients. A truly unified solution like LS Central Software Solution will help you link your purchase to your receipt management and actual sales. Hence, when you receive inventory from the distributor, it will automatically be added to as new inventory while the preset amount for the inventor will also be automatically deducted.  

Track Ingredient Use in Real-Time  

When you manage to track real-time ingredient use, you can better judge when and where, and for what purposes a specific ingredient is used. You can manage your ingredient ordering accordingly. If you opt for a Restaurant ERP Software Solution like LS Central, you can easily set up recipes in the back office. Managing recipes gets simpler and easier. For instance, a mushroom omelet’s recipe ingredients will be saved on the Restaurant POS Solution (2 eggs, 75 grams of mushrooms, 7 grams of parmesan) and Will be automatically deducted from your available stock. You can also automate ingredient reordering, and track ingredient usage and available stock in real-time. Additionally, you can also track what recipes are produced and identify the most popular dishes.  

 Analyze Waste Patterns  

As per a report by waste reduction group ReFED, In the US alone, the restaurant industry wastes more than USD 25 billion worth of food in a year. This is an overwhelming amount of money they are throwing off. The very first step in managing food waste is to track what you are wasting and why. Also, pay attention to the quantities you are wasting your ingredients. Use Restaurant ERP Software Solution to update a food waste log. Find troubled dishes and set attainable food wastage goals for your employees.  

Forecast Customer Demand Using Artificial Intelligence  

Cut waste and planning errors with Artificial intelligence-driven technology. With LS Central ERP Solution, you can use LS Forecast, a cloud based. It is a cloud-based forecasting suite that perfects the advanced Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite algorithm to forecast what ingredients you will have to buy for every location. It analyzes your earlier trends, correlations, and patterns. It also picks the algorithm that matches your sales pattern the best.  

A suitable Restaurant ERP Software Solution like LS Retail can help you tremendously reduce waste and manage ingredients. If you are looking for LS Retail implementation, you can Contact Trident Information Systems. We have been Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Diamond LS Retail partners for more than a decade. With a team of experts and robust resources, we have been serving different industries without fail.