Manufacturing ERP Software

Magicrete Used Microsoft Solutions to Successfully Optimize Operations Across the Departments  

Founded in 2008, Magicrete building solutions had the vision to help builders build better, cheaper, and faster with their revolutionary construction technology and they required a suitable technology, so they chose Manufacturing ERP Software. They manufacture lightweight concrete (AAC) blocks, and so far, provide an impressive range of construction solutions such as AAC wall panels, construction chemicals, as well as precast solutions. Millions of homes have been constructed using Magicrete products.  

Dynamics 365 Manufacturing ERP Software Helped Streamlining Business Processes and Driving Optimum Productivity 

Magicrete is one of the biggest examples of leveraging technology to optimize its business at all levels. They have been using Dynamics 365 Manufacturing ERP Software since their founding years. Since 2011, they have been using Dynamics NAV. In 2021, they upgraded from Dynamics NAV to Business Central.  

Furthermore, they have also been using Dynamics 365 Manufacturing CRM software to manage customers and streamline sales. In addition to it, they use Power BI to get real-time business insights for more logical and data-driven decision-making. Their implementation partner has been providing the needed support for these solutions across different processes.  

Dynamics 365 Business Central Helps Managing Operations Across Different Departments  

Magicrete always struggled with financial management. As soon as they adopted Dynamics NAV, they witnessed fluency like never before. And after Dynamics NAV to BC Upgrade, the services were now unmatched. This enterprise-wide ERP Solution turned their scenario upside down.  

With Business Central, Magicrete enjoyed embedded workflow charts, a friendly user interface, live business reports, and self-service reporting. Not to mention, these features serve as a critical Dynamics NAV Upgrade which helps managers make more informed financial decisions.  

Magicrete had a strong faith in the power of seamless data flow. They believed a business must have a smooth flow of data to scale and succeed. Further with this Manufacturing ERP Software, the automated manual tasks resulted in faster progress, low error risks, and optimum staff management. After automating workflow, they engaged their staff in more critical operations rather than just routine work. 

The business further linked its SCADA system with Business Central. It helped provide the team with better analytics and eventually led to faster decision-making and better production monitoring.  

The job module allowed the project team to check up on project schedules and stay on track with the deadlines.  

Dynamics 365 CRM Optimized Sales Operations  

Magicrete leveraged Dynamics 365 CRM as an enterprise-wide solution and believed they couldn’t find a better solution. With just a few clicks, the entire team could access accounts, contact, and opportunity pipelines. Furthermore, this Manufacturing ERP Software solution aggregated information on emails, calls, and meetings to track customer interactions history and suggest the next most viable step. Therefore, it helped them boost their workforce productivity.  

Magicrete Successfully Got a Unified View of the Entire Business  

Before using Power BI, workers at Magicrete would use 5-10% of their time creating monthly data MIS sheets for different departments. Further, they worked in siloes so it was even more complex. As soon as they shift to Power BI, they can view the integrated business data at any given point in time. Having data stored in a source and no manual intervention means having easy data access and no human error.  

Power BI helped Magicrete create interactive dashboards, view data, and map real-time information in a format that’s intuitive and highly visual. These dashboards help them identify business opportunities and potential/ upcoming threats. With Power BI, they identified their hidden impacting areas.  

Moving Forward 

With Dynamics 365 Manufacturing ERP Software, Magicrete could scale up as many times as they want. Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365’s agility and flexibility, they can leverage many business tools that help them scale.  

With each data unit that Magicrete adds to its 14-year-old database, it enhances the quality of overall data. It further helps them calculate the cost of its products automatically. This has been proven to be a vital use case that even gave them a competitive edge in the competition.  

Magicrete finds great potential in connecting teams with other business systems. They are also experimenting with bots that can provide essential data from CRM or ERP for faster approval.  

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