Restaurant Management System

LS Central Helps Optimizing Your Restaurant Operations   

Are you running a flourishing restaurant where your current Restaurant Management System fails to support your growth? LS Central can help you in this case. It assists you in polishing your customer services with its robust features and tools. LS Central is a unified Hospitality ERP Software that helps you optimize your restaurant services by integrating your floor staff with the kitchen to bring what your customers ordered without delay. It provides a transparent view of your business with dashboards and real-time reports to help you create logical and data-driven decisions.  

With actionable customer insights, you can create successful loyalty programs. Also, with real-time inventory reports, you will always have balanced stocks with minimum wastage. Predictive analysis will never let you go out of stock. And with automation, you will hand over monotonous tasks to the machine.  

There are more features, tools, and benefits of LS Central than you can count. In this blog, we will explain how LS Central can get your restaurant at a rapid pace.  

LS Central Restaurant Management System Works Wonders for Your Business  

LS Central is one of the most renowned Restaurant Management Systems designed for SMBs and enterprises. It will help you:  

Get Centralized Control Over your Restaurant Business 

LS Central collects and stores data centrally and gives decision makers a centralized view over their business. You can access details on all your restaurant chains located in different locations from the headquarters. With real-time reports, you can decide menus, prices, and recipes according to their popularity in a certain location. Purchase mindfully while cutting wastage, look through your exhausted stocks and order the right amount. Also, you can order according to demand prediction and simply automate your replenishment. The best part of this Restaurant Management System is that it helps you manage your staff more efficiently. You can assign your staff duties that fit their talents.  

No Errors with LS Central  

Those restaurants that prefer to work on different software for different purposes, facing errors now and then are pretty common for them. Not to mention, the time and resources they lose on their maintenance are huge. However, this is not the case with LS Retail ERP, it is a unified Restaurant Management Software that helps manage your entire restaurant on the same platform. You can easily store and access data in one place. Easily accessible data leads to more accurate operations in less time.  

Attract More Customer Loyalty and Grow your Business  

LS Central Restaurant Management System stores customer data and presents it in actionable and insightful reports. Customer insights are the strongest tool to cater to your customers; when you understand your customers, their spending patterns, and preferences, you can create successful loyalty programs to attract more customers. Moreover, with a POS System, customers can place easy orders and pay easily at the table and can customize the menu. With the right knowledge, you can personalize discounts, promotions, and other offers for individuals or groups. It is essentially important if you aspire to deliver faster and more precise services.  

Connect Your Kitchen Floor Staff with LS Central  

With LS Central, you can link your staff to the kitchen by showing the status of each table’s orders and establishing delay-warnings. Staff members can correctly serve consumers thanks to this user-friendly graphical interface Restaurant Management System. Having a faultless atmosphere can help your management, even if your restaurant has the biggest floor. Keep track of your clients and reservations so you can handle them flawlessly and professionally. Furthermore, connecting the kitchen with staff also saves the bulk of their time. The server doesn’t have to travel from the front to the kitchen and find the right kitchen counter to transfer orders. Instead, they can simply take orders at the table and share the details with the KDS (Kitchen Display System) via Point of Sale Systems.  

LS Central is one of the most renowned Restaurant Management Systems across the globe and has been serving SMBs and enterprises for a while. If you wish to implement it, you can contact Trident Information Systems, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Implementation Partner, and LS Central Diamond Partner. With a robust track of accomplishment, we have managed to acquire a massive team of technical resources, strong clientage, and various awards every year. Contact us for further information or a demonstration.