LS CentrERP Software for eCommerce 

Have an Online Retail Business? LS Central can Support You.  

Online retail stores were already booming, and then COVID happened. It was disturbing for everyone, but online retailers saw it as an opportunity. According to Finara, Online shopping speeded increasing shoppers by 9.4% estimating more than 3.4 billion shoppers. This number is expected to grow up to 4.9 billion in 2025. With a sudden boom of customers, many online retailers did not have sufficient resources to cater to them. However, only those with ERP Software for eCommerce could manage them properly.  

With great opportunities come big challenges; customers have become more impatient than ever and expect exceptional services. They are now quicker to abandon a brand fueled by a single unpleasant experience. According to ZK Research, subjects have admitted to shifting their loyalty towards a brand over a bad experience.  

To compete in this ever-evolving world, you need great customer service, the right technology, and the required resources to thrive in the market. With LS Central ERP Software for eCommerce, you can get all the tools and functionalities you need to balance your business operations and customers at the same time.  

LS Central is a unified ERP and CRM. Being an extension to Microsoft Business Central, it is hosted by and on Microsoft Azure. Hence, you get all the world-class benefits that Microsoft offers.  

This is How LS Central ERP Software for eCommerce Supports Your Online Retail Business 

Provides a Single Vision of Truth  

As a comprehensive Retail ERP Software, LS Central takes care of every aspect of your online business, including bookings, offers and promotions, sales, inventory, and ERPRetail Point of Sale Systems provides consolidated data from all these crucial areas in one location. The system handles everything automatically; you don’t need to click anywhere to transfer data from the eCommerce side to the ERP or import any files. 

Meets Specific Industry Requirements  

LS Central Store Management Software meets your demands whether you offer jewelry, garden plants, pet supplies, or fine chocolates. This ERP Software for eCommerce is specifically designed to meet the demands and difficulties faced by the many sub-sectors of retail and eCommerce like fashion, electronics, groceries, pharmacy, and any combination of these. 

You may take advantage of industry best practices and more effectively compete in a difficult market thanks to this embedded domain experience. 

Meets Customer Expectations  

Delivering a consistent experience over all of your digital platforms is possible with LS Central Retail Software Solution. Customers may purchase things to be delivered (or picked up in-store if you also operate, or plan to operate, retail locations), view tailored suggestions, exclusive offers, and promotions based on their unique buying histories, and check real-time stock availability on your eCommerce website. 

Additionally, because everything is interconnected, the data displayed on your website is always accurate and consistent across all touchpoints (such as your stores or other apps). Therefore, you won’t risk upsetting clients by offering them a product that is already sold out. 

Helps Making More Data-Driven Decisions  

Many clients that switched to LS Central ERP Software for eCommerce previously operated their businesses using a variety of smaller, independent software solutions. This compartmentalized architecture caused blind spots and eventually led to bad business decisions. 

To circumvent this and obtain a comprehensive understanding of the customer experience, you must develop a single data set that includes all information from the contact center, sales data, website data, marketing data, etc. that interacts with the consumer.  

Helps Cost Cutting and Maximizing Revenue  

You can save the administrative and training expenses associated with employing various software solutions when all the data you want about your online business is in one location. Additionally, ERP Software for eCommerce provides you with a clear, real-time picture of your inventory demand, assisting you in reducing surplus stock and the associated expenses. Not only that but real-time, enterprise-wide access to your sales and customers also enables you to improve your pricing strategy to increase your share of the customer’s disposable income. 

LS Central is one of the most renowned ERP Software for eCommerce in the world and supports various enterprises. If you are looking forward to implementing it, you must choose a reliable partner. Trident Information Systems is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Implementation Partner and LS Central Diamond Implementation Partner. After spending more than two decades in the service field we have acquired a solid track of accomplishments, 170+ technical resources, and various awards addressing the milestones we achieved. For further information or a demonstration, Contact Us