Microsoft Business Central

Looking for a Perfect Fit for Your Business? Business Central is All You Want! 

After years of research and a series of trials and errors, Microsoft launched Business Central. It is an updated version of Dynamics NAV. With a different name comes a different identity; unlike Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Business Central is a cloud-based and web-based solution hosted by and with Microsoft Azure.  

Cloud-based ERP is entitled to greater flexibility, agility, and better features, and Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is enriched with the best of other ERP solutions. It is suitable for even small businesses, which wasn’t the case with Dynamics NAV.  

Business Central is a unified business management software consisting of finance management, logistics management, warehouse management, customer relationship management, and loyalty program management provide real-time insights and optimizes your business operations with consistency, accuracy, and agility. If you still wonder if Microsoft Business Central is for you, this blog will resolve all your queries.  

You Need Microsoft Business Central If:  

  • You are a small or medium-sized business.  
  • You are running on different software, and they are causing complexities.  
  • You want data security as data theft, malware attacks, virus attacks, etc. worry you.  
  • You have outgrown accounting software.  
  • You require a solution for your scaling business.  
  • Your current system lacks flexibility.  

Microsoft Business Central: A Perfect Fit for Your Business Central 

Business Central is feature-rich software that scales with your business. You can witness a smooth flow of operations with optimum utilization of resources and automation of monotonous tasks. The best part is that it fits every business size on budget. Some of its prominent features include:  

Low-Cost Ownership  

You do not need a massive upfront cost for investment. Business Central is a cloud-based ERP solution with a monthly subscription option. You can easily predict the product cost and set your budget accordingly. Moreover, you do not need a dedicated IT team, servers, management, etc. to look after it; everything is done by your service provider. For scaling businesses, you can pay as you grow. Microsoft Business Central is the most flexible ERP and CRM that does not get heavy on your funds.  

Single Source of Truth  

Dynamics 365 Business Central creates a single source of truth by storing all your business data in a primary location and updating it side by side. This ensures real-time data and faster operations. Having updated and easily accessible data is critical to making crucial decisions and financial reports. You can easily access this data via the insightful dashboards it generates. Having consolidated data on finance, sales, customer, logistics, inventory, etc. ensures faster business growth.  

ERP and CRM on the Same Platform  

Microsoft Business Central is ERP and CRM on the same platform. Apart from managing a business, you can also reinforce your customer relationships. It stores all your previous interactions with customers and gives better insights. Using this data, you can plan flexible pricing or discounts for your individuals or groups. You can get better insights into cross-sell, upsell, and renewal opportunities. In terms of customer experience, you can address customer returns, post-service issues, track repair information, and service requests.  

Warehouse and Supply Chain Management  

A Business Central Upgrade provides robust warehouse and supply chain management features. For instance, predictive stock replenishment will automate your stock replenishment based on sales forecasts and expected inventory stock-outs. You can optimize your warehouse facility and use templates to find out the best placement of items. You can optimize your floor space with this Unified Business Management Solution. In addition, you can access real-time data to find the best time, route, and vehicle to fulfill deliveries.  

Optimum Flexibility and Easy Scalability  

One of the most leveraging benefits to come with Microsoft Business Central is its flexibility. D365 Business Central is a cloud-based solution that supports remote work and allows access from mobiles and OS too. This Business Management Software scales with your business. You can install or delete tools according to your precise business needs. Its flexibility is what keeps many enterprises going. It has even seen various small businesses becoming medium and large. 

Microsoft Business Central ranks among the top unified ERP and CRM across the globe. It is impressively scalable, and its flexibility gets businesses of different sizes going. Suitable for all industries, it supports multiple useful tools dedicated to each industry according to its size and budget. Make sure you choose the right Microsoft Business Central Implementation Partner. Trident Information Systems is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Implementation Partner and LS Central Diamond Implementation Partner. With decades of experience, 170+ technical resources, and an impressive track of accomplishments, we have gathered a massive clientage of successful businesses. If you are looking for Business Central Support, Business Central Licensing, or Business Central Implementation, you can Contact Us any time of the day.