Why Hospitality Industry Needs a Future Ready Technology

This Pandemic has brought a massive shift in the Hospitality industry. The tough working parameters have made it quite difficult for restaurants to sustain their services. The juggle between survival and keeping up with government regulations demand a future-ready Restaurant Management Software to be a must-have for all the restaurants.  

Such software embraces sophisticated technology which are pushing their limits to evolve into their best vision. One such software includes LS Central for Restaurants; it broadens up to ERP for Restaurant management, and facilities complete business management in the same platform. It is an excellent Restaurant management software, especially when today’s scenarios have shaken the industry from within.  

Current Challenges Faced by Restaurants

Covid-19 pandemic has constrained this industry to operate differently and adopt suitable solutions in order to survive. Certainly, there are a few things that no one saw coming:

Meeting the Break-Even Point: your break-even point can be defined as the sales covering your operating costs. Like all the businesses, where the CEOs wish for huge profits, restaurants are struggling to meet their break-even point.

Keeping up with the sanitation and health regulations: covid 19 pandemic has made customers and staff even more aware of their sanitation and health

Off-Premise Dining: the enforced lockdown has labored the dine-in restaurants to swear by delivery sales and take always to meet the necessary returns. Good Restaurant management software can be a huge help. A recent techno mic conducted study has revealed, over 80% of restaurants were prevented from shutting down because of take always and food deliveries. This is believed to be the forthcoming scenario for the next few years.

Limited offers and innovative menus: to last throughout the forthcoming years, there is an incredible need to adopt more creativity. Offering certain menus, new offers, and out-of-the-world experiences can draw a great deal of draw diners, especially those cutting on their dining out budget.

Advance online ordering system: Restaurants are subjected to strict sanitary guidelines and lockdowns and are expected to remain the same way for quite a while. There is a growing need for contactless home deliveries and online food orders. Overcoming the slow pace in 2021 will have restaurants to have examined all business prospects and aspects again.

Restaurants need suitable Restaurant Management Software such as LS Retail for food services to cope with the upcoming challenges.

How Can LS Central For Restaurants Help You Combat The Challenges In Hospitality?

 There are many technological and non-technological challenges in the hospitality industry, such as the need of using multiple restaurant management software to get different features, back office and front office integration issues, lack of real time data tracking, difficulty in retaining customers and so on. LS Central for Restaurant can help you get rid of them. It is an all-in-one Restaurant Management Software that generates a real-time data report and exhibits the bigger picture of cafes, restaurants, and other food services, integrating activities from the back office to the final customer serving, therefore, leading to excellent coordination. Additionally, you can get the following benefits:  

Gives The Ultimate Control Over Your Restaurant

Since you can monitor each business activity and access real-time data within the same environment, You can eliminate the excessive expenses on multiple software. It carries out the following tasks:

  • This Restaurant Management Software supervises and administers your franchise and location from the headquarters.
  • Controls recipes, prices, offers, menus, and campaigns centrally.
  • Navigate the performances of your staff and carry out effective communication.
  • Computes real-time costs and revenues, and picks up the latest trends and opportunities.
  • Check up on the real-time reports.
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence to read and predict your customer’s or prospects’ behavior.
  • Scales up your business and helps it grow.

Centrally Manage Your Restaurant 

 Since you can monitor each business activity and access real-time data within the same environment, you can eliminate the excessive expenses on multiple software. It carries out the following tasks:  

 This Restaurant Management Software supervises and administers your franchise and location from the headquarters.  

  • Navigate the performances of your staff and carry out effective communication.  
  • Computes real-time costs and revenues, and picks up the latest trends and opportunities. 
  • Check up on the real-time reports.  
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence to read and predict your customer’s or prospects’ behavior.  
  • Scales up your business and helps it grow.  

Cut Costs and Boost Revenue 

 With proper assist management measures, you can minimize waste and use your resources optimally with this Restaurant Management Software. LS Central does the following jobs for you:     

  • Accurately price your menu and ensure good returns. 
  • Orders and distributes the appropriate quantity of ingredients. .  
  • Plan out your meals and streamline your ingredient orders.  
  • Automates everything and eliminates mistakes.  

Allow Customers to Serve Themselves 

 Get ready to deliver excellent customer services and draw a broad set of customers repeatedly. This is how it helps your business get a customer boost:     

  • Uses mobile POS on the table and takes contactless orders and payments.  
  • Gives your customers a free hand to customize their meal by removing or adding ingredients of their choice.  
  • Exhibits the exact ingredients and information on allergens at the POS on online platforms and also on self-ordering devices.  
  • Adjusts the price and the menu as per the demand.  
  • This Restaurant Management Software allows your customers to order food online or as per their preferred services.  

 Loyalty Programs  

  A loyalty program is a great measure to retain your current customers and also to increase the customer base. A customer loyalty program includes the following:     

  • Prepares a personalized promotion and each guest can get an attractive meal deal 
  • Smartly generates loyalty programs to benefit you and your guests in the shape of returns.  
  • Creates happy hours strategy to attract maximum customers.  
  • Launches various deals and offers according to customer preferences and spending behavior data.   

Our Final Words

LS Central is one of the best Restaurant Management Software which integrates services like Point Of Sale, Supply Chain Management, Operations, Online Channels, Inventory, and customer loyalty within the same environment. Trident is one of the most renowned LS Central Information Partner. For the best support, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to serve.