Why Has Automation Become Necessary in Restaurants?

Gone are the days when manual work was preferred over automation due to various reasons in restaurants like low competition, manageable customer demands, financial constraints, lack of digital innovation in the market, and so on. These days, however, technology is upgrading and so are the approaches. Business owners who would earlier work on disparate systems now may prefer to use a unified Hospitality Management Solution. No industry has escaped COVID impacts, and hospitality is no different. Restaurants are now shifting their management approach from manual and disparate tools to unified centralized Software Solutions for Hospitality.  

Research has revealed that COVID forced existing technology to evolve even faster than was expected. Customers enjoyed the upgraded comfort and wish to continue it. Convenience is the key factor that compels customers into your business. From easy billing to fast delivery, to attractive meal deals, customers compulsively follow the path which offers more convenience. According to studies, it was found that about 60% of consumers are ready to spend a little more on good services.  

Cloud Kitchens caught pace due to automation. Requiring low to no staff, and offering easily prepared dishes, boomed when restaurants were shut. Automation helped businesses to survive through the toughest times so far and protected them from the verge of shutting down completely. 

Those who have implemented Hospitality Management solution like LS Retail Hospitality Solution not only survived but also went ahead of the competition effortlessly. They had a competitive edge because of robustly embedded tools such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Power BI (Business Intelligence). These tools immensely helped them cope with uncertainties and forthcoming challenges. On one hand, where most restaurants were fighting hard for their survival, those who adopted a unified Hospitality ERP Solution, were adapting and managing throughout the period. With multiple integrated tools and services on a single platform, restaurants have witnessed a whopping growth in the past few decades.  

Why is Hospitality Management Solution So Critical? 

Hospitality Management Solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Restaurants has so far helped businesses survive through all ups and downs and continue to be a fanatical support. The COVID outbreak affected the common seating practice in the restaurants and demanded a no-contact approach. Having the pandemic still lurking around, businesses are yet feared of its impacts. Hence, making automation the only solution to grow.  

Assists in Keeping Up with the No-contact Trend 

Migrating to city areas and their work culture is the main reason behind the large supply demand this industry witnesses. Currently, the market demands no-contact services as they are still feared of calling in sick (extremely sick). Hence, restaurants prefer Hospitality Management Software to keep up with this trend. LS Retail compliments a Mobile App for Hospitality Operations which reinforced your restaurant staff to resolve their query using their hand-held devices with minimum effort. They can use their mobile phones as a POS Software Solution and do everything a https://tridentinfo.com/ls-nav/ does. Taking orders and bills from the same devices fosters ease, empowerment, and staff potential.  

Data Collection and Data Management  

Data collection and accurate report building get easy with the right tools. Tools driven by Power BI in a Hospitality Management Solution are the easiest when it comes to data collection. It extracts data from different touchpoints and turns them into actionable reports. These reports target your requirements and assist decision-makers in making more logical decisions. LS Retail Software Solution is embedded with Power BI and Azure-driven tools. When it comes to data management Microsoft Cloud Azure is excellent. It offers either a fully managed relational, in-memory database, or NoSQL while spanning proprietary and open-source engines to suit the modern app developers.  

Consistent and Error-free Services  

Humans have different capacities and may not even feel well enough to work to their full potential. Moreover, the workforce is more likely to make constant errors, machines, however, are usually consistent and error-free. Automating your manual tasks will not only cut out the probability of errors but will also help your staff feel more empowered, eased, and motivated to give their best. Transferring responsibilities to machines gives enough time to your waiters to greet your customers and pay maximum attention to them. Hence increasing the customer service quality. In addition to it, a fully integrated Hospitality Management Solution saves floor space as the waiters do not have to travel to the kitchen to tell the customer orders. Instead, the information will automatically transfer to the right KDS (Kitchen Display System) using a POS Solution.  

Better Understanding of Consumer  

As cutting down physical interactions with customers was a priority for businesses in the pandemic inception, credit to digitalization some restaurants managed to get customer insights. Automation with the right tools made it possible to use this widely available data and use it for more effective strategy formation. Collecting data also means that the restaurants can provide personalized services to customers without having to directly interact with them. 

Loyalty Programs  

Having customer insight and understanding their behavior facilitates compelling loyalty programs. Using Business Intelligence tools to track customer data and create insightful reports. Based on these reports, a restaurant can segregate customers based on their choices, likings, spending patterns, and factors affecting their spending. Further, they can create exclusive deals for groups and individuals. In addition, it becomes a lot easier to decide on offering the right meal plan in the right location and chain. Using LS Retail CRM for Hospitality, one can maintain healthy relations with their customers and connect with them on an emotional level.  

These days, automation has become so crucial it saves a restaurant from drowning. Having  Hospitality Management Solution like LS Retail provides ERP and CRM on the same platform hence making operations even easier. With integrated solutions, you no longer have to rely on disparate systems. Automation not only prevents errors but also boosts your staff’s potential. It makes your staff feel more confident and empowered. Passing monotonous responsibilities to automation leaves enough time for your staff to treat customers more warmly and fulfil their wishes with a bright smile.  

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