How does Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management Ensure Supply Chain Resiliency?

Various organizations have to go through supply chain issues that can easily be addressed by technical advancements. However, due to certain industrial limitations and challenges, some businesses are unable to adopt technical advancements entirely.  

Some businesses might fail to get real-time end-to-end stock visibility in the supply chain. Whereas outdated technology can create a shortage of business continuity when there is a disruption or any other issue. There can be an inability to adapt to the rapidly changing dynamics without a suitable supply chain management system.  

Any latest technology that enables data-driven decision-making should center the strategy designing while coping with these challenges. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management is a modern and nimble, open platform that promotes businesses to do the exact thing.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management is a robust feature that comes with an incredible fulfillment optimization engine that seamlessly manages order complexities, while also ensuring end-to-end real-time visibility into each inventory and order stream.  

A survey has found out that the companies that ship products directly to the customers such as retailers, manufacturers, and distributors, face certain challenges in this area and believe in the need for digital transformation in their supply chain. An Intelligent Order Management ensures Supply Chain Resiliency, given below are some points delivering the same.  

Incredible Fulfillment Optimization 

There is a combination of factors causing these issues to arise such as e-commerce, marketplaces, call centers, and physical stores. Apart from this, there are a lot of fulfilling options such as distribution centers, supplier dropshipping, and logistics providers. And ultimately any location possessing inventory that allows them to pull from there to complete customer orders.   

The best part of this rule-oriented and event-driven infused technology is that it allows you to connect to any of these enterprise apps via straightforward API interfaces. As a result, the companies can seamlessly connect to their current order management system such as WMS and ERP hence allowing the client to experience a better flow while keeping up with their comfort.  

Robust Connectors  

One of the most interesting things about the Intelligent Order Management system is that it is a standalone SaaS solution without any other D365 application dependencies. It contains an open, interoperable and modular technical construction, so your business could benefit from an expansive ecosystem of order source management systems such as online mobile applications, online e-commerce, social platform as well as brick and mortar channels.  

One of the most significant uses of this program is that it allows its users to configure order intakes visually from one of the most common sources by influencing already built connectors in a no-code application while making quick integration and implementation a real thing.  

ShipStation Integration  

This ShipStation is a cloud-based e-commerce shipping platform specially designed to generate shipping labels. Users can automatically create labels with discounts, import e-commerce orders, send out shipping notifications, and resend shipping details to the order source. With the integration of ShipStation and Order Management, users can combine all of their orders and order sources within the same platform.  

When the user receives an order while selecting Shipstation for use, they can catch real-time delivery timeline and carrier service from the ShipStation with intelligent Order Management to provide users with visibility of shipment details.  

Tax Compliance 

Another great feature of Intelligent Order Management is its robust tax determination and compliance. This system enables you to connect to the third-party tax engines and automate tax calculation based on the product classifications, location’s regulations, files, and remit tax payments to jurisdictions. It can automatically omit tax from exempt sales while taking care of the exception documentation. You can pick from various pre-built partner connectors, Intelligent order Management allows your organization the medium to effortlessly scale tax order compliance globally for value-added tax, sales tax, lodging and occupancy tax, seller’s use tax and consumption tax, etc.  

Bottom Line  

Companies that ship direct-to-customer can heighten their supply chain resiliency with end-to-end visibility into their supply chain. In an order management solution, the digital transformation part comprises a fulfillment optimization engine. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management comes up with a robust Fulfillment system. Trident Information Systems is a Gold Microsoft Partner who has served multiple business ventures so far. Contact us for further information.