Ensure Employee Safety with Vision Intelligence System

Employee safety should be one of the major concerns of a business, especially in scenarios like todays. COVID-19 pandemic has driven this requirement to an extreme level. Factories are liable to comply with safety regulations set by the government. Inability to follow the same can lead to severe penalties on the employer.  

However, some employees might not want to comply with them for not being comfortable enough. This unawareness may lead to serious health issues as well as internal disruptions. Employee injuries might hamper operations.  

In small businesses, it is not so tough to monitor their employees. However, in larger firms where the employee count may reach 100+, it is not practical to keep an eye on every employee manually. 

These difficulties lead to the need to be assisted by Automatic Vision Detection. A machine system that detects if employees adhere to the safety regulations ideally. Trident Information system has developed Vision Intelligence System, which ensures employee safety. It tracks each employee and maps employee faces into the dataset who takes their safety measures casually.  

It is mandatory to comply with the safety regulations as its failure can land you and your firm into deeper trouble:  

  • Financial Penalties 
  • Industrial disqualifications 
  • Endangering lives 
  • Impact on the overall output  
  • Reputation Damage   

How Does the Vision Intelligence System Ensure Employee Safety? 

This technology ensures safety measures compliance by monitoring each employee, recognizing their faces, and reporting to the person concerned about each one who fails to do so.  

It ensures that the employees are maintaining the distance they have been asked for.  

Vision Intelligence System Conducts:  

  • Face Mask Detection  
  • And Safety Gadget Inspection 
  • Contactless Attendance  
  • Social Distance Compliance Detection 

Face Mask Detection 

The camera tracks each employee. In case an employee does not wear a mask, it immediately recognizes his face and maps him and his details on the database. Thus, providing the information to the person concerned. The employer is no longer burdened with the responsibility of checking every employee randomly as soon as it is done automatically.  

Safety Gadget Inspection  

Like the Face Mask Detection, it spots each employee and checks if they carry their safety gadgets properly. Even partially missing gadgets will be detected. Again, those employees will be recorded, and thus saving their details within the dataset. Thus, later it will be delivered to the person concerned.  

Contactless Attendance 

The system records each employee’s face at the entry and marks their attendance. The first entry is the arrival time, and the final exit is the departure time. This way, the employer ensures contactless attendance. It happens automatically and saves a great deal of time.  

Social Distance Compliance  

As an employer, you do not even have to worry if each of your employees complies with social distancing norms. The system records employees who violate the standards and reports it to the person concerned. 

Keeping an eye on employees becomes easier with automation. Since the employer does not engage with the employee, he can focus on other essential tasks focusing on the output boost. Employees are much safer and get a more hygienic environment to work in. hence, improving their capacity.  

What Does the Vision Intelligence System Offer Your Business? 

Vision Intelligence system ensures health and safety regulation compliance and keeps the employer away from all the fuss. He does not have to go on random rounds around the factory to ensure that everyone wears masks, safety gadgets, or maintains social distance. It ensures the following benefits to the firm:  

  • Protects your staff: Its primary job is to protect your employee from any injury or harm occurring in the workplace. It ensures the employees adhere to the standards and have their safety equipment like masks, harnesses, caps, etc. on to avoid COVID-19, back pain, head injuries, asthma, and so on.  
  • Reduces Absences: safe employees are present on-premises and barely take leaves due to injury, disease, or similar reasons. The employer saves costs of the direct absence, such as paying salaries.  
  • Boosts Productivity: Now the employer is not liable to keep a constant eye on employees to see if everyone is following what they are told, nor does he have to engage extra employees to fulfil this duty. Automation does all the work and leaves enough time and strength for the resources to focus on more important tasks.  

Tracking each employee all the time is a pain. Manually it becomes even harder. However, automation can save you. Trident Information Systems has developed and designed a Vision Intelligence system for defect detection while manufacturing and maintaining employee safety. Contact us for further information.