How Does Business Central Help with Managing Customer Relationships? 

Microsoft Business Central is proficient at managing customer relationships. It uses Power BI (Business Intelligence) to extract data from different touchpoints and create actionable reports which help understand customers. 

 In 2022, managing customers is the most essential strategy you can undertake. Maintaining good and interactive relations with customers is as important as increasing brand impressions for prospects. It becomes even more severe for small businesses that fight against competing businesses.  

In today’s world, you are bound to push through every aspect to beat your competition. You are aware that you can grow by generating more business as well as upselling repeated customers. Only if there were functions in your business management system that could help you maintain both.  

Luckily, Microsoft Dynamics365 Offers such a tool, i.e., Microsoft Business Central. It is an Enterprise Resource Planning software, specifically designed to support small-medium scale businesses. It enables a unified platform to manage your customer relationships at an affordable subscription package so you could efficiently sail through your business.  

Here Are Some Remarkable Features by Microsoft Business Central  

Some of the remarkable Business Central features include the following but are not limited to: 

Financial Management Tools: this tool is capable of managing GL, budgets, bank accounts, and A/R. It is better to use a unified solution as it reconciles your accounts more quickly and accurately.  

Supply Chain Management: this module covers sales tracking and purchasing orders. It manages multiple warehouse locations, shipping, and item transfer.  

Human Resource: It manages human resources right from hiring and orientation to payroll, training, and employee expenses.  

Service Order Management: This tool helps manage customer grievances and issues with repair requests, tickets, service contracts, and more.  

This is how Microsoft Business Central helps manage relationships with your clients while adding extra dollars to your bottom line:  

Manages Client and Prospect Relationships  

Microsoft Business Central can handle your every sale and marketing effort. You can extract and divide lists based on certain criteria. Those lists can then be targeted with a drip campaign to wear off prospects showing resistance to your product. As soon as the email is opened the data is transmitted to the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and you start recording smart analysis on the behavioral aspects of your client. Robust analysis can draw this data while using the Business Intelligence algorithm to get a more flexible view of the existing data. With the help of these insights, you can assure a more compact relationship with your clients.  

The data is uniformly shared throughout the business as the data is drawn and transmitted straight to ERP hence accessed by both front and the back-office staff. It can help the sales department track real-time inventory and analyze the gaps. It enables real-time updates that are crucial for decision-makers. 

Business Central Helps Order Processing and Billing  

Microsoft Business Central data eliminates common challenges that occur due to order management issues. An ERP software enables a platform that supports a sole source of truth which also helps circulate healthy client management as well as uses powerful analytics to understand customer behavior.  

Some of its functions include but are not limited to:  

  • Allows sales staff to optimize uploaded price lists and create contacts.  
  • Prevents critical contact mistakes while minimizing the risk of math errors.  
  • Sales reps can check up on real-time inventory and ensure their availability.  
  • Version control ceased to become an issue due to automated version control.  
  • As soon as an order closes, the master inventory levels are updated.  

Earlier only enterprises could afford an ERP, but now Microsoft Business Central enables all the basic tools for a business to run as smoothly as possible.  

Helps Managing Projects More Efficiently  

With this particular version of Microsoft, SMBs can now handle even the complex aspects of a project. Be it job configuration, budget management, resource allocation, or timeline and task tracking, you can seamlessly accomplish it all. Microsoft Business Central helps your business manage projects while keeping your customer’s content.  

Microsoft Business Central enables enough flexibility to SMBs with its per-user subscription package. This system eliminates silos that come along using different software to manage customer relationships. It is always wiser to opt for a unified solution like Microsoft Business Central that compiles every business necessity within the same platform. If you are thinking of Implementing Business, contact Trident Information Systems, a Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner who has been serving various business ventures for more than two decades.