Optimize Your Rail Terminal Operations with Rail Depot Software  

Logistics, being heavy and large assets, needs a robust Rail Depot Software. Rails are one of the safest mediums for transportation of heavy and large quantities commodities but are amongst the hardest to manage assets. Rail Depot Software streamlines rail terminal operations and eases its management significantly. For instance, the French national railway company SNCF, with more than 260,000 employees and international service territory, acknowledged the value of using a strong digital Transport Management Solution. They used both Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Flow and gained impressive outcomes. 

A Rail Depot Software can help manage the day-to-day railway terminal operations like Shunting yards, where rearrangement of railcars is done through a system of switching and shunting tracks, also, intermodal terminals where the exchange of containers happen between trains and trucks via massive gantry trains. 

The Best Rail Depot Software for Managing Rail Terminal Operations 

Dynamics 365 for Transport is a unified Rail Terminal Software that provides a single platform that takes charge of managing the relevant operations, rail terminal’s CRM as well as billing. 

The software is precisely crafted to manage rail terminal motions while enabling complete track movement monitoring. This software assists with logistics support and planning the container’s movement.  

This ERP for Transport and Logistics covers Container Booking, Hub and Sports Journey, Rail Journey, Other CTO Journey, TXR Log Tracking, Non-Containerized Rail Movement, Train Load Plan, Capturing of FOIS (Indian Railway) System, Carrier Haulage, Merchant Plan. 

How Reporting is Done by Dynamics 365 for Transport  

This Transport Management Software customizes reports at the yard, rail, cargo, and customer levels. The report depicts the current picture of your rail terminal status and helps with terminal planning while endorsing more stability. All reports can be visualized depending upon the Date ranges provided.  

  • Rail Operation Statistics 
  • Rail Outer Register  
  • Rail in Register  
  • Train Summary Report 

Empower Employees with Microsoft Power Apps and Power BI 

This Yard Terminal Software digitalizes manual and monotonous tasks and helps you do more work with less effort. For instance, after using Microsoft Power Apps and Power BI, SNCF could digitalize their business processes and empower every employee to innovate and share their ideas to enhance their work every day. 

Create Customized Applications to Ease Communication 

This Rail Depot Software provides Power Apps and Microsoft Flow, which you can use to create and craft apps while endorsing automated workflows. To ease communication among various employees, you can build tablet-based solutions for easier and more effective data exchange. Digitize your business operations with direct input from your employees and figure out what their daily challenges are that need to be resolved.  

Access the Quality You are Entitled to 

Create dashboards using Power BI. Monitor every application and find out where the problem lies. With these dashboards, you can detect efficiency, security, and operational issues and discuss the same with application developing units. Encourage the people closest to the problem i.e., managers, to trust the solution and upgrade the overall quality of operations.  

Independent App Development Without IT Developers  

You can train your employees on Share-point, Power BI, and Power Apps. Even if you are not a developer you can still learn Power Apps quickly. No, IT assistance is required while developing an application. Your employees can develop apps to share their daily grievances and create a solution on their own. 

Building More Efficient Bogies 

Even though developing more sophisticated applications might seem daunting to some people, it is still more efficient than the traditional development methods. In addition, doing some math and planning on a piece of paper is prone to errors. Instead, access an application with an intuitive user experience. For instance, the one which provides a list of recommendations and guides throughout optimal spring placements.  

Overall, Rail Depot Software can significantly boost your rail terminal operational productivity. Dynamics 365 for Transport provides a single platform to manage relevant rail terminals, billings, and Customer Relationship Management. Use Power Apps to develop customized apps even with no IT dependency. Trident Information Systems is a Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner. We have expertise in managing rail terminal operations. For further information or a demonstration, contact us