A Case Study On Field Service Mobile Application

Our customer is a leading global provider of technology solutions for the energy industry. They design, manufacture and service technologically sophisticated systems and products such as subsea production and processing systems, surface wellhead systems, high pressure fluid control equipment, measurement solutions, and marine loading systems for the oil and gas industry.

Their services include supervision and monitoring of equipment installation from delivery through start-up and commissioning on all of their product lines. The field engineers provide on-site, comprehensive instructions to system installers, ensuring smooth installation.

The customer wanted to customize the built-in Mobile Field Service Module of Oracle E-Business for reducing the turnaround..

Solution by Trident

Using our approach, Trident developed a Local App with customized features for field service module which can be downloaded from enterprise app store. In order to retrieve data from Enterprise Business Suite, we also developed a Web Service. As the workers are required to receive and manage jobs from the field, Aspire included features like reviewing work, updating job statuses, informing of variations and activities, and confirming completion of jobs.

Some of the key features and functionality include:

  • Create work order requests from the field etc.
  • Real-time service request management
  • Access to knowledge repository
  • GPS based location tracking for services due near a customer

Business Requirement and Challenges

The customer wanted to customize the built-in Mobile Field Service Module of Oracle E-Business for reducing the turnaround time of the field engineers. They also wanted to add additional features like Job Status, Work Review and so on to the Field Service Module for its mobile users. The field service engineers needed to be able to create an ad-hoc service request during customer visit; update actual work status, spares, labor and tasks from the field. Following are some of the challenges with the traditional manual based approach:

  • Too cumbersome, slow and error-prone which led to customer complaints
  • No real-time data on spares availability, spares ordering from site, information on services due, daily service
    update and order status
  • Unable to access to knowledge repository such as a troubleshooting guide – rectifying this can help them
    respond quickly to a fault reported from previous experience
  • Also, in case the field service engineers had to bill the customer for the services, they had to wait until they come
    back to base location and collated all the pending invoices. This led to piling up of customer pending receipts or even
    increased chances that invoice can be erroneous due to delayed entry

Platform: IOS, Tools & technologies: SQL light, REST web services using JSON & Spring, Oracle Database

This solution is mainly useful to client’s service engineers. Some of the results achieved for the client:

  • Faster implementation time – the application was launched within 3 months
  • Delighted customers – Better service quality and on-time delivery of information
  • Enhanced service efficiency – by streamlining the process
  • Improved productivity – Increased productivity of Field Technicians and Dispatchers by providing easy access to task details and updates instantaneously