Build Loyalty and a Seamless Customer Engagement Through Mobility for Retail

With mobility redefining the way retail industry is currently operating, there is no exaggeration that smart phones have brought a new lease of life into an already complex web of multichannel retailing. Needless to say, enterprise mobility has become the new enterprise experience – a unique way of transacting business and improving how people work in every area – either desk or in the store.

In this perspective, many retailers are concentrating on investing exclusively on consumer mobile apps. This is a new beginning that is gaining rapid momentum – empowering stakeholders like store associates, managers, partners and consumers with mobile solutions to fully transform the customer experience.

Unique Challenges for the Retail Industry

  • Promotion of new brands, based on whether they are in the store, on the road, or at home
  • Consumer access to myriad choice of products, models and styles
  • Rising consumer demands to provide excellent customer service
  • Enormous and disparate amounts of consumer and business data to collect and analyze
  • No proper analytics to model and forecast different scenarios.

Harness the power of mobile solutions to transform your business!

Gone are the days when store was just a retail floor; it's now a virtual shop operating 24/7 connecting your employees, partners and customers. This means all these stakeholders require mobile solutions to transform and define the way they learn team work and shop to build loyalty, augment sales and improve their overall RoI.

Some of the typical areas of retail where mobile can have significant impact are:

Store Operations

  • Through centralized POS management and back of store transformation, retailers can remotely manage both fixed and mobile POS systems from a single location.
  • Access real-time data anytime, anywhere, and meet seasonal demand by instantly provisioning workspaces as needed.
  • Resourceful shelf-space utilization by field associates through apt mobile planogram.
  • Loss Prevention
  • Audit Analytics

Supply Chain

  • Enhance decision making and fulfilment with real-time visibility and collaboration.
  • Enable faster time-to-market with new products.
  • Minimize wastage, shrinkage, obsolescence and expenditure.
  • Streamline stock fulfilment.

Marketing & Logistics

  • Offer personalized promotions, resulting in enhanced customer loyalty.
  • Augment store visits by leveraging location-based features.
  • Offer location based services such as loyalty rewards and status media preferences.
  • Leverage mobile commerce to offer superior shopping experience.

Customer Service

  • Offer more reach to your customers via mobile catalogue browsing, ordering and store pickup.
  • Enhance customer in-store experience with mobile checkout.
  • Let your customers have instant access to store price and products availability, enhancing their customer satisfaction.
  • Minimize margin shrinkage and lost sales by providing a seamless multi-channel store experience to your customers.

Mobilizing Retail Analytics

  • A real-time reporting tool for retail businesses
  • Monitor traffic patterns and transactions
  • Customize graphs and tables to highlight certain metrics
  • Measure all aspects of the business that matter
  • Understand shopper behaviors and discover opportunities

Contextual Retail IOT Platform

  • Beacon based proximity marketing solution
  • Deliver highly relevant message to shoppers
  • Setup campaigns to target individual shoppers
  • Analyze each campaign with detailed insights
  • CMS to build micro locations and create personalized messages
  • Extend your brand’s reach on consumers’ devices