Mobility Solutions for Transportation and Logistics industry

Transportation and logistics companies operate in a complex market. Travelers expect top-notch customer service and the ability to transact with mobile devices, and new competitors are constantly challenging the traditional way of doing business. To effectively compete in this industry, organizations must improve operations, distribution, and fleet management in order to better react to changes in costs, market consolidation, and global competition.

Leverage mobility for enhancing every facet of your operations -right from fleet management to customer service.

With mobility making rapid inroads into the logistics industry, the traditional landscape of manual processes are getting replaced with automation impacting standardized processes and workflows. Mobility can work wonders in every facet of the logistics industry -be it cargo, freight transportation, logistics services and freight documentation.

In fact, automating key processes such as sales & customer service functions, addressing capacity planning and archaic logistical workflows can go a long way in improving greater level of visibility, enabling quick decision making, better margins and higher productivity. Precisely stated, mobility is becoming the new face of customer experience and engagement, transforming the traditional landscape of the transportation & logistics industry.

Unique Challenges for the Transportation & Logistics Industry

  •  Increased need for inbound and outbound freight visibility and control
  • Redundant and archaic logistical processes that delay the delivery of goods on time
  •  Lack of proper analytics to gauge the performance of the operations leading to chaos and customer dissatisfaction
  •  Manual processes and legacy systems that lead to poor customer response
  • Inaccessibility of critical data for field and logistical personnel to track the movements of goods and cargo.

Harness the Power of Mobile Solutions to Transform your Business!

Driver Monitoring Solution

Along  with Fleet Management or mobile  cargo Solution a fleet manager or enterprise can:

  • Monitor the hazardous driving pattern with events like Sudden Acceleration, Harsh Braking and Harsh Maneuver in real time
  • Visualize driving data for 60 seconds before the event and 20 seconds post event to analyze the driving pattern and asses
  • Monitor driver/carrier safety index to evaluate performance and ensure enterprise level transport safety compliance
  • Provide verifiable documentation for accident claims, disproving invalid claims and reducing claim costs

Key Benefits:

Real Time Exception Alerting – Fleet manager/Vehicle owner/logistics managers can monitor the unsafe driving events/exceptional driving pattern and negotiate with driver to ensure safety

Driver Performance Analysis – Complete historical performance representation of the driving pattern and exceptional event history based safety index helps to counsel drivers & rate them

Lower Accident Claims – Provide verifiable documentation for accident claims, disproving invalid claims and reducing claim costs

Reduce Vehicle Maintenance Cost – Reduces vehicle component wear and tear thus lowering risk of accidents related to mechanical damage

Mobile Cargo Solutions

  • Trip based tracking of all on-trip GPS fitted vehicles with route, delivery and safety compliance
  • Logistics operational dashboards & alerts to manage exceptions based on en route stoppage, delay, off route, delivery and safety adherence
  • Real Time ETD (Expected Time of Delivery) prediction and Vehicle Availability forecast
  • Trip Performance Rating Index (Carrier/Driver Rating Engine based on trip performance)
  • Multi level role based access (Consigner, Consignee, Transporters, other stake holder)

Key Benefits:

Vehicle/Consignment Visibility – Brings real time visibility of goods on the road, to the dispatcher and the receiver

Timely Delivery – Web enabled track-n-trace system allows users to monitor the status of their consignments against the defined route from loading to unloading point resulting in delivery, route adherence and pilferage prevention

Plant/Depot Efficiency – Increasing the efficiency by reducing the time taken for loading / unloading

Load Planning and vehicle utilization – Vehicle availability dashboard acts as load planning tool by providing real time information of the vehicles arriving at loading location

Performance – Complete fleet movement along with historic data and dispatch data provides MIS tool to analyze the number of trips, per trip performance, route evaluation, TAT etc. which helps in rewarding or penalizing the drivers

Safety Norm Adherence – System provides alerts in case of off-routes, unauthorized stoppages or over speeds beyond set limit, thus providing better control and safety

Carrier Scorecard – Visual Cargo contains a unique trip performance measurement (KPI) tool to provide carrier and driver performance ratings. The tool not only helps dispatchers to evaluate the performance of each contracted carrier/driver but also helps the enterprise to analyze their logistics network.

Customer Servicing Solutions

  • mobile bookings for