Boost Business with Dynamics 365

Do you really need a centralized ERP/ CRM? What difference would it make anyway? If that is something you are also wondering about, we have answers to that. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the greatest centralized ERP/CRM service providers offering numerous in-built features and add-ons.   

Various entrepreneurs tend to use different software programs designed to manage either of them, or this is where issues emerge. They perceive it as a cost-cutting measure. Nevertheless, they are most likely to fail to achieve it.  

Integrating multiple software for ERP and CRM sources has more complications than maintaining harmony. It becomes a pain to manage different software integrations on premises. There is no data safety, once the hardware gives up, you may end up losing all data essential to run your business. Additionally, setting up hardware and carrying out regular upgrades are costly and exhausting affairs.  

There are three signs you need centralized ERP/CRM:    

  •  Your current system is not helping you scale   
  • You are done dealing with disparate systems    
  • You are unable to fulfil customer expectations.  

How Would You Know Dynamics 365 is the One?  

There is a pool of CRM products out there. So, how would you recognize if Microsoft Dynamics is the one for you? We have compiled the top six reasons to ensure Dynamics CRM Software efficiency.  

Easy to Deploy   

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Software avails enough flexibility to deploy in the cloud or the hybrid cloud environment. It is easy to manage deployment in whichever way you want. Since it is a cloud-based technology, it suits best for companies with a BYOD policy. Employees can easily access D365 applications via a web browser, Outlook, or any other mobile app.  

Enhances Customer Service   

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service collects massive customer data individually. It analyzes websites that each customer visits, how they interact with brands, their community, and background, and their sentiments behind purchasing a specific product. It also collects data that cannot be measured quantitatively but impacts sales significantly.  

This data helps customer service representatives to handle each customer precisely on a case-by-case basis. Having this data available in an accessible location, the representatives can deeply connect with the customers.  

Ease of Microsoft Products    

Employees can enjoy the ease of working with Microsoft since Dynamics 365 for Operations is compatible with other Microsoft products including the complete Microsoft Office suite. Employees can easily communicate via Outlook or teams, use Power-BI for data analysis, or share PowerPoint for documentation.  

Customizes with Flexibility       

Microsoft Dynamics 365 comprises various in-built features and modules to streamline customer service, sales and marketing, field services, and project management. However, if your requirements are a bit different than what has been provided, you may want to use the customizable tool designed to add additional fields and new objects to the system.  

Your Customization does not finish here, you can still add or remove certain features to meet your budget, goals, and Key Performance Indicators.  

Reduces Sales Cycle     

Your team handles a great deal of customer data every single day- whether they are working in the field or the office. It is a complicated and time-consuming process. Dynamics 365 for Sales and Marketing ensures sales cycle reduction with real-time easy data transfer, providing a complete view of each aspect of your sales journey to relevant people.  

Boosts Productivity     

Instead of accessing different applications individually like CRM, ERP and Office applications, etc. access data anytime with Dynamics 365. Forget those times when data searching was a tedious project, where different data was stored in different applications. Instead, with Microsoft, you can even avail yourself of real-time data from any device. Get real-time visibility and boost productivity.   

Microsoft Modules   

Microsoft’s D365 Modules ensure smooth business operations, continuity, data backup and safety, and automatic updates, resulting in increased efficiency and output.  


Identify the exact customer to engage, shorten sales cycle within a unified environment, get insights from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, access contextual LinkedIn profiles and insights as a part of lead, account, contact, and opportunity record. Get visibility on the accurate data via Microsoft teams. Cut down routine tasks and get frequent suggestions to create new records such as meetings, contact tasks, and so on.  


Engage customers in real-time, understand customers based on their interactions across mobile, email, social media, custom channels, and in-person touchpoints. Use AI recommended unique content and offers to increase engagements. Optimize delivery times, channels, and journey steps so they are unique to the customer. Unify and share customer data more securely. Align teams throughout the company with a real-time single view of customer context over your D365 applications.  


Get visual assistance for modern self-service solutions, resolve issues quickly with AI-powered virtual agents. Get a complete view of your customers, avail your agents of a holistic view of the customer’s profile and their past interactions. Help agents get faster answers with AI-Powered suggestions. Analyze comprehensive support insights with built-in AI. Detect emerging trends and automation opportunities over agents, support topics, engagement channels, and so on.  


Get real-time and accurate reports on your cash flow. Monitor cash flow, spot current as well as future trends and make more data-driven decisions. Automatically process vendor invoices. Save time and labor costs by submitting invoices automatically. Deploy new subsidiaries and product lines in record time. Adapt to the dynamic regulatory environment fast. Optimize a guided, rules-based chart of accounts and low/ no-cost globalization services.  

Supply Chain     

 Centrally manage product information across global sites and subsidiaries. Forecast demand and streamline sales via AI, ensuring accurate on-time delivery to customers. Enhance inventory visibility, deliver cross-channel real-time inventory visibility, minimizing overstocking or stock-outs. Manage the shop floor with the current view on production and stock to enhance throughput.  

Human Resource    

Seamlessly work with Microsoft Teams to and keep a record of time-off balances while submitting leave requests. Create compliant and creative programs meeting dynamic global regulations. Create compliant and competitive programs meeting changing global standards. Connect with other effective HR solutions including payroll, talent management, LinkedIn, and recruiting to create an HCM ecosystem check-marking all your boxes.  

Why Trident?  

Trident has served multiple businesses since 1999. Backed up with an experience of 22+ years and a full-fledged team of experts, we have been ordained with multiple awards for our efforts and efficiency. Being Microsoft Gold Partner and highly efficient Microsoft Dynamics CRM service providers, various successful businesses are our clients. For further queries or a demonstration, call us.