Five Ways to Boost Customer Engagement in Your Restaurant 

Restaurants have come a long way after dealing with and surviving pandemics. Hopefully, we are far behind the worst of them all. Customers are still cautious about going out in public as new COVID variants are in the news now and then. Restaurants have to think of new ideas to engage customers. customers are afraid of too many interactions due to the current situation. How about giving them contactless services? ERP for Restaurant enables such services seamlessly. LS Retail is one of the prominent Restaurant ERP Software Solutions. It integrated the back office with the front and fosters seamless customer service. It has the best POS Software Solutions for Restaurants.  

Due to COVID, this world has seen rapid growth in digital technology which nobody expected would arrive so soon. Restaurants too have to start leveraging this technology to stay ahead of the competition. Customers tend to show more interest in businesses that provide them with all the conveniences they want. Technology promotes customization for customers, easy data sharing, live tracking, and several integrations which account for a better working environment and boosts productivity.  

Digitized props like ERP for Restaurant can massively help withdraw more customers into your business and empower your staff at the same time. There are five effortless ways to boost customer engagement in your Restaurants.  

Supply a Seamless and Personalized Experience 

Earlier personalization was a luxury and not everyone could access it. However, customers were increasingly drawn toward the idea of personalization. With suitable POS Solutions, this is a piece of cake. You can easily track your VIP customers and provide personalized deals and meal offers. In addition, your regular customers may also want personalized meals. Maybe someone wants extra cheese with no tomatoes in their burger. Or maybe they want to have vegan milk in their coffee. It may sound too much for some but with Software for Restaurant Management like LS Central, it is a piece of cake. Customize their order right into the POS and send it to the kitchen. Additionally, you can also disclose allergen information, like using nuts, certain seafood, milk, gluten, etc. in your dishes so they can exclude them from the ingredients. Studies have shown that customers tend to return 2-3 times more to a restaurant if they have personalized services.  

Stay Flexible with ERP for Restaurant 

Generally, nobody wants to cancel their table bookings, but restaurants must be flexible enough to allow the same. They must follow solid policies to allow them to rebook, reschedule, or receive a full refund if required. In addition to it, it is recommended to allow flexible ordering and billing options. For instance, with LS Central POS Solution, customers can easily pay by scanning barcodes. With this ERP for Restaurant, A waiter can take orders from one table and take bills from the other using the same POS solution. A POS solution is more than just billing software. Apart from being just customer-centric, it allows a restaurant to track its internal affairs as well. You can live-track your inventory and send orders to the kitchen at the right KDS (Kitchen Display System) at the same time. With Restaurant POS Systemyou can become more flexible effortlessly.  

Empower Staff to Provide the Best Customer Service 

Empower your staff with hand-held devices. With a POS Solution for Restaurants, they can easily cater to customers twice the lesser time. They can take orders and bills from the same device, note customization requests, inform people about allergens, and send orders into the kitchen without having to travel all the way. This saves a lot of your staff’s time and efficiency, which you can then use in other areas. You can assign them to greet and pay more attention to each customer and make sure they are comfortable.  

Provide a connected Experience 

Connect all the touchpoints and ensure your customers can get seamless services using ERP for Restaurant. A restaurant omnichannel service allows your customers to book tables, share feedback and follow your business. Through omnichannel, your customers can connect, order, and pay in multiple ways. Allowing this flexibility empowers the customer and drives them back to your business followed by secured payments, online menu browsing, tracking delivery orders, and so on. However, more than this, your restaurant must manage to process distinct transactions consistently and efficiently. For this, restaurants must connect as many channels as possible to their POS systems. By ensuring that your take-out orders and online deliveries are followed by your QR, and kiosk orders into your POS system.  

Create Loyalty Boosting Programs  

In a survey, it was revealed that it is easier to sustain existing customers than to draw new ones into your restaurant. Find what fascinates your customers and think about what would drive them into your business. Use BI-based tools like the one LS Retail offers. BI (Business Intelligence), which is embedded in the POS solution, extracts customer data from different touchpoints and generates insightful reports. With this ERP for Restaurants, you track your customer’s spending patterns and preference patterns. Based on these reports, you can segregate customers based on their similarities and offer customer deals and meal offers.  

In an industry like hospitality, where the business owner has to directly deal with one of the most complex things in the world; customers, they need to be extra creative with their strategies. They have to cater to different people with diverse backgrounds, preferences, and eating habits. In this case, digital assistance can make a difference. With ERP for Restaurant, you can manage and cater to your customers in the most efficient ways.  

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