All You Need to Know About Dynamics GP to BC Upgrade 

Microsoft Dynamics GP, previously known as Great Plain Software, has come to the end of its lifecycle. Hence many users are into GP to BC Upgrade. Being its natural replacement, which provides additional functionality, it is flexible enough to grow with business. 

Advocates of the old Great Plains Software complain that when Microsoft bought it, they messed this great tool up. However, statements advocating for the new Microsoft Dynamics GP are that there have been consistent improvements to the software. Therefore, turning it into a mid-level accounting solution associated with a full-fledged suit of productive tools.  

Just like any other software, this one too has pros and cons that we will discuss in this blog. In addition, there will be facts supporting why and how you should Upgrade GP to Business Central ASAP.  

Microsoft Dynamics GP – Pros  

Microsoft Dynamics GP is ERP software specifically designed to manage almost every business process:  

  • Inventory management and operations.  
  • Accounting and financial management.  
  • Payroll and human resources.  
  • Reporting and Business intelligence
  • Customer Service and Sales.  

For businesses who have outgrown their legacy accounting software, Microsoft GP can be their next choice. This Cloud-based software enables all the scalability of SaaS (Software as a Service).  

One of the major benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP is that it includes high volume transactions in an extremely safe environment. Companies shift from QuickBooks to Dynamics GP as soon as they cross their small business category. ERP stretches throughout all the business areas, which is a winning aspect. You can also run role-based reports using data visualization and tack on documents such as contracts or invoice copies. Furthermore, you can automate basic tasks including document routing and approval processes. Also, you can automate too much time-consuming workflows.  

Further, you can easily monitor inventory stock levels, costs, and pricing in such a way that drives communication between back-end warehousing and front-end sales. Moreover, it links with the SQL server database and other Microsoft productivity tools.  

Microsoft Dynamics GP is the solution for SMEs that are growing. However, there are certain practical factors that add to its drawbacks.  

Microsoft Dynamics GP – Cons  

When we discuss the drawbacks of this software, note that many businesses do not consider implementing ERP software. Microsoft Dynamics GP indeed is useful software but is way more complex and robust that small businesses are simply not ready for. Considering where a particular business is in its lifecycle. Microsoft Dynamics GP may become overwhelming.  

Its robust tools add to its drawbacks. For instance, its reporting capacity is massive but may not be useful for a small business. The user may feel overwhelmed due to the many choices available for him. Users also suggest that the interface is not intuitive, and most of the time it demands staff training. Hence, this software comes with a learning curve.   

The other drawback we may consider is that it can never be the choice for businesses who cannot comprehend the need for clouds. It is recommended to Dynamics GP to Business Central, as it has more flexible features suiting your business needs.  

Why Would You Consider GP to BC Upgrade? 

GP to BC Upgrade has become mandatory due to the end of Dynamics GP lifecycle. Dynamics 365 Business Central on the other hand opens doors to numerous flexible options that fit your business. Here are some of the factors depicting how GP to Dynamics Business Central Upgrade can benefit your business.  

Business Central is a Cloud-driven Software 

One of the key features of Business Central that outraces Dynamics GP is its cloud-driven ERP. Dynamics BC uses the most up-to-date, cloud-driven functionalities to fulfill its users evolving management needs. GP on the other hand is a legacy on-premises system which may feel bogged down in upgrading, integration, and maintenance.  

BC Offers an Enhanced Role-tailored User Interface 

As soon as you log into Business Central for the first time, you will notice how easy, clean, and modern its web enabled user interface is. Once you continue using it, you will again notice how intuitive the user interface is. Users can enjoy free movement across the system, and dive into the necessary details of independent transactions, reports, accounts, and graphs within a few clicks.  

Business Central is a Complete Online Data Processing Solution  

Another benefit of GP to BC Upgrade is that BC is a complete online data processing solution. Whereas GP is merely a batch processing system. Therefore, BC transactions can automatically integrate to GL without the need for series posting. Which further means GP to Dynamics Business Central Upgrade is embraced, you will face no issues caused by interrupted posting or hung-up batch. Also, the need to run check links whereas, reconciliations will be left behind.  


With GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central upgrade, you can use the power of Dimensions. You can filter your charts of accounts by applying dimensions to your transactions, thus reporting, and analyzing your business. Having no limitations on the number of dimensions you can use; you can easily dice your transactions the way it suits you while saving a lot of time.  

Don’t Need to Edit Master Records  

When you encounter a mistake in GP such as incorrect customer name, or ID in GP, you have to run a utility to correct the master records. Whereas, in BC, making corrections was a lot easier. All you have to do is update the record on the customer card to make corrections.  

How to Upgrade GP to BC? 

There are two ways for GP to BC Upgrade:  

  • Implement Business Central from scratch – opting this way, you will merely import your master records and open transactions with import tools.  
  • Update Master Record in GP then migrate to BC. This is usually the most preferred option which allows you to optimize Microsoft’s cloud migration tool to bring your master records, open historical data and transactions in business central  

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