Minimize Serving Wrong Dishes and Build Customer’s Trust  

Did you know that the food that gets wasted accounts for a notable sum of your profit? According to Restaurant Hospitality, food waste amounts to a cost of $25 billion per year. Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? We don’t realize how much food we waste and that is the problem. Restaurant Management Systems like LS Central Software Solution can help you in this matter.  

One of the major reasons for wasting food massively is because of the mistakes with orders. For instance, when a restaurant, be it a fine dining, fast-casual, or even cloud kitchen delivers nonveg items like chicken salad to a vegetarian, or dairy-based products like cottage cheese to vegan multiple times, the impact is irreversible. Not at all ideal in a situation where it takes up to five times more to attract a new customer.  

If you send the wrong dish to a person with allergies, the reaction is going to be a lot worse than just a furious comment over googles reviews. According to a survey by Food Allergies and Anaphylaxis Network, about 34% of food allergy sufferers suffered from a reaction while eating at a restaurant.  

This is an alarming issue you must think about, apart from hiring experienced employees, what else can you do? Restaurant Management Systems with Power BI Embedded qualities like LS Retail Software Solution can help. If you run a cloud kitchen, a Cloud Kitchen Management Solution is ideal.  

This blog will further discuss how you can minimize food waste with the help of suitable Restaurant Management Solutions.  

Communicate Customer Requirements to the Kitchen 

Various kitchens still use carbon paper to make notes. Some even prefer to make shorthand. Little do they realize how risky this approach is, especially when the server is in a rush. There is a high chance he will end up serving the wrong dishes. Digitalization has leveraged everyone with more comfort and hence, the customer also expects even a greater level of convenience than what they expected a decade ago.  

The ideal solution is a Restaurant Management Solution which allows sending orders from the front of the house to the kitchen Display System straight. The kitchen staff will be able to view specific customer details. This is especially important when they are preparing meals for people allergic or intolerant to certain ingredients such as nuts, prawns, lactic acid, etc.  

Display Allergens with Ingredients  

It was not very long ago when a normal teenager died in the UK after having a baguette that contained sesame seeds but was not mentioned. Results? Loss of human life and $13,5 million in legal costs. Over 250 million people are suffering from some sort of food allergy across the globe. It is in your and your guest’s best interest to display allergens specifically. When you use Restaurant Management Systems such as LS Retail Hospitality Solution, you can easily create menus and recipes centrally and transfer them along with the information like nutrient content, ingredients, and allergen, to all the touchpoints. Therefore, you can have all the updated information on all the dishes on your menu on your POS.  

Make Sure the Menu Updates are Quick  

Having unavailable dishes or ingredient substitution is inevitable in a restaurant business but things get bitter when you do not communicate this with your customers. In the old times, you would rather scribble out the dish from your printed menu, or tell your customers that the dish they are ordering is not available (even worse). However, now you have the technology for your advancement. Restaurant Management Systems like LS Retail ERP segregate digital touchpoints such as digital menus, ordering kiosks, or online ordering services so you could keep your menu up-to-date centrally. 

So, if you decide to replace scallops with prawns in one of your recipes, or change your non-veg special from slow-cooked lamb to chicken peri, you only have to make changes just once and the system will update these details itself automatically.  

Serve Meals at the Right Time in the Right Order  

With a paper-based ordering system, there are high chances of errors, especially when the texts are written too small or misread. However, Restaurant Management Systems having their POS and kitchen screens connected in real-time can minimize these risks to a notable extent.  

You can ensure that the kitchen received the correct order to prepare the dish in the right order and at the expected time. All the fryer dishes will be sent to the fryer section of the kitchen so fried and non-fried dishes do not get scrambled.  

Inform About Delays  

Delays are kind of unavoidable in a restaurant but informing them about them on time differentiates a frustrated customer from an understanding one. With unified Restaurant Management Systems like LS Central, the kitchen and the POS server connect in real-time with two-way communication. Therefore, the server transfers orders to the kitchen, and they can also track if the order is prepared or still in the queue. As soon as the chef finishes a dish, the server can see it and take it to the table.  

LS Retail is one of the most renowned Restaurant Management Systems globally. Streamline your restaurant and organize meals perfectly. Retain existing customers with outstanding customer services and give your profit a boost. If you are looking for an implementation partner, you may Contact Trident Information Systems. We are a Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner and Diamond LS Retail Implementation Partner