Fool-Proof Methods to Get an Agile Supply Chain in 2023?

Even after two years of pandemic-driven disruptions, supply chains haven’t reached “normality” yet. In a 2021 survey of the wall street journal, most of the economists surveyed predicted supply chains to go back to normal in the mid of 2022. We have reached the end and can’t seem to get things to normal. Businesses with different and siloed Supply Chain Management Software suffered a lot. With a sudden spike in online shopping trends, they couldn’t keep up with their needs. They could not predict the disruptions and some even collapsed.  

In 2023, you cannot expect things to get better either. These situations have started to become “normal”. You can continue expecting infrastructural challenges where the warehouse storage is limited for the flooded online shopping demands. And to upgrade their infrastructure, companies will have to spend too much.  

Furthermore, the pandemic caused suppliers to block their supplies and even labor shortages. Climate change isn’t helping either. Climatic conditions like rain and wind impact the supply chain severely. The most impacting factor that caused the collapse of several supply chains is the lack of visibility. Siloed systems cannot provide real-time visibility with delayed most important decisions at the right moment. Those with Supply Chain Management Software manage to cope with the changes fast. 

How to Make Your Supply Chain More Agile with Supply Chain Management Software 

If you wish to make your supply chain agile, you must employ the latest technology that’s specifically designed to handle modern challenges. One such example is Microsoft ERP for Supply Chain. Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management System is reinforced with all the robust tools and functionalities that will give you all-time visibility, finance management, Business Intelligence tools, and Microsoft Cloud Azure Security. So, how to use the Top Supply Chain Management Software

Make Sure You Have Real-Time Visibility to Make Detailed Plans 

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, you should focus on controlling the most parts. Your Supply Chain ERP System must provide you with complete visibility into every operation taking place. Be it inventory management, warehouse information, logistics reports, etc. this part is crucial for making detailed plans and foreseeing upcoming threats. With D365 Finance and Supply Chain Management Software, you can tap into all the information needed to beat the competition and prepare for every upcoming challenge in advance.   

Inform the Customer Beforehand about the Delay 

With so many options available in the market, customers lose faith very quickly if there are constant delays in their orders. It becomes worse when they are not even clarified about the duration of the delay. Many times, products are delivered from far-away places using ships, planes, and trains. Earlier, it wasn’t so easy to track where exactly the item is and if the climate doesn’t favor it, the delivery date may extend to an indefinite time. However, today our cargo’s details are processed by the insurance company, delivery company, and other services. Often, they are delivered to us automatically.  

With an automatic Supply Chain Management System like D365 F&O, you can register to agreed routes and get the details about the product’s location at every stage. This is very helpful for informing the customer about the delay in delivery. You can accurately calculate the date of arrival of the product and inform the customer likewise.  

Control Costs  

Imported goods will cost a lot more than the base price. The delivery insurance cost, processing, and intermediate points will add to the base price and raise it to 40% or more.  

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain allows controlling additional costs at every step of your complete supply chain while forming the correct costs of goods. The calculation methods will be correctly calculated based on the cost allocation policies.  

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