It’s Time to Build a Mobile Strategy for Your Retail Chain

How many of your consumers use their mobile devices to shop? According to eMarketer estimates, worldwide mobile commerce sales are worth more than US$3.5 trillion yearly, it’s probably more than you think. According to Oberlo, around three out of every four internet sales are made using a mobile device. So, are you making an effort to secure a share of the mobile market? You can use the latest eCommerce Website Software to help you create foolproof strategies  

The numbers truly speak for themselves when it comes to determining the return on investment of a mobile retail strategy. McKinsey estimates that multichannel shoppers make purchases 70% more frequently and spend one-third more than those who only shop in physical locations. Did you guess why? Convenience! You can provide this convenience to your customers only if you employ the latest Software for eCommerce Website.  

How can you ensure that your mobile strategy benefits both your company and your clients? When we think about mobile nowadays, we don’t just mean having a mobile app or a website that is optimized for mobile devices. Ensure that your consumers can get whatever they require from any location by making the experience as connected and convenient as you can. This would include:  

  • Your online store’s website must be mobile-friendly to enable customers to shop whenever it’s convenient for them and access their shopping basket from any device. 
  •  To help users locate the nearest store and verify the availability of local inventory, the perfect eCommerce site must also contain geolocation which certain eCommerce Website Software provide. 
  • Loyalty: Customers need access to their points so they may accumulate and spend them anywhere they like, using their digital card at a real store or online, whether it is through an app or a website. 
  • Mobile in-store shopping allows customers to scan products and pay using a mobile device. Solutions like ScanPayGo, which provides Point of Sale (POS) capabilities on the customer’s smartphone, are widespread in the supermarket industry and are increasingly spreading to new sectors. 

New smartphone features like augmented reality and beacons will make shopping more immersive and fun. LS Retail eCommerce Website Software allows AI and machine learning and all the required features to keep you ahead of the competition.  

In this article, we’ve outlined five ways that merchants can create a mobile retail strategy that connects customers at every stage of the purchasing process and scales with their business: 

Understand Your Customer’s Habits  

Many IT initiatives fall short because the demands and expectations of the customers are overlooked or lost on the way. With so many options for tactics and technology, it’s shockingly simple