Manage Warehouses Effectively with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Businesses can save a good deal of investment by just adopting a more efficient warehouse with efficient Warehouse Management ERP. Inefficiency, in this case, may lead to ‘slip through the crack’ rate, overstocking, understocking, inefficient floor space usage, not being able to discard expired products, and so on. Warehouse Management Software Solution can help warehouses overcome challenges like:  

  • Maintaining accuracy in the inventory processes.  
  • Having a unified overview of inventory location across warehouses.  
  • Duplication of data and products.  
  • Efficiency in picking processes and minimizing efforts.  
  • Establishing effective communication among all channels.  

If not tackled in time, the above-mentioned issues can become pretty sour to the manufacturing process. The only way to deal with this is to introduce technology to your supply chain. Try Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management – a robust ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to deliver more resilient processes and empower your warehouse operations with agility and connectivity.  

Fundamentally, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management helps you eliminate error-prone processes, reduce processing time, cut manual efforts, and streamline end-to-end warehouse processes.  

How does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deliver Effective Warehouse Management? 

Businesses can embrace persuasive Warehouse Management ERP with Microsoft Dynamics 365. There is a reason Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most renowned supply chain software providers across the globe. You can encompass the following factors driving better warehouse control.  

Inventory Control 

With Dynamics 365 you can manage inventory like a piece of cake. You can stay proactive while monitoring inventory activities, updates, and flow in real-time. It gets easier to track items against all the possible criteria. With these features, one can easily avoid issues like overstocking and understocking. Therefore, cutting waste. Material handling becomes convenient with automatic reordering and barcode generations.  

ERP Integration  

Microsoft integrates with your existing system, so you do not have to install new ones. The best part is it scales with your business. It is flexible enough to support the organization when it expands. It maintains the convenience of your old system, as well as cuts heavy integration costs while ensuring business continuity. You can continue operations even without the internet.  

Order Management  

D365 Order Management is a feature offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management Software Solution, that ensures real-time accuracy while receiving and ordering products. You can even generate sales orders, Return Material Authorization (RMA), procurement orders, and in-depth reports and documents.  

Product Traceability 

Product traceability becomes a piece of cake with D365. It delivers complete traceability of an item from the receipts and packaging, straight to last-mile delivery.  You can track the serial of each item as well as their lot and batch numbers. Additionally, you can also avail yourself of any sort of custom tracking and take over the complete cycle from product ordering to end delivery.  

Business Intelligence  

Business Intelligence is one of the most effective tools as it drives effective decision-making. Having customized reports readily available at hand gives valuable insights into inventory, logistics, and other relevant business aspects. Manage costs, prevent under-stocking, overstocking while providing foresight on the best-selling products and other areas apart from existing KPIs, you can focus on generating more revenue.  

Automatic Labeling  

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management’s labeling functionality, you can automate labeling processes, eliminate manual tasks, and streamline workflows. You can also avail container item nesting, load planning, cross-docking, cluster picking, and other relevant facilities with integrated labeling.  

Bin Setup  

With this feature, you can maintain your bins by setting up your warehouse layout, as well as your rack, shelves, and columns dimensions. The assigning lot and serial numbers can be automatic or manual, depending upon the user’s preference. Track your items inbound, outbound, or across the complete lifecycle within the organization.  

Mobile Workspace  

D365 allows anytime, anywhere Warehouse Management ERP via mobile device. Be it inventory tracking, product information, or logistics reports; you can get it all at your fingertips. No need to start the computer to check minute details anymore, when you can view real-time reports anytime, anywhere through your mobile phone.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management optimizes a set of tools specifically designed to manage warehouses. Users can track inventory and logistics on the same platform. Trident Information Systems is a Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner and has served various business ventures so far. Contact us for a demonstration.