After Implementation Support: The Ultimate Test of a Software Vendor   

When you are running a business, one of the major concerns of any business is to minimize the downside. Keep in mind that no system is made perfectly. Even a system time Microsoft Dynamics Business Central needs a post-go-live support system. It is mandatory to maintain operational fluency throughout the year. Hence, if you are implementing Business Central, it is recommended to choose Business Central Implementation Partner who provides after implementation support services. Even though it might seem cheaper at first but can cost you more than the whole process if your system passes out, and you have no support left.  

In a year-long process, it is assumable that you have to have ongoing involvement at every stage of the business. From engaging on-site to hosting daily progress calls with customers to handling shipments all by yourself. Facing a downtime at this time can lead to fatalities. Therefore, your service provider must provide both on and off-the-job support post software implementation.  

Importance of Post Go-Live Support from an Expert 

As we have discussed earlier, some unforeseen issues can surface after go-live. After implementation, support can help you address those issues, and the support team applies different tactics to get rid of them. Besides, it also ensures the following benefits:  

Expertise: Having a consultant that is well-versed with your requirements pays back three-fold. Therefore, make sure your vendor is an expert in the industry you are in and has a robust record of accomplishment.  

Post Implementation Review: Your vendor performs a Gap Analysis to make sure that the organizational goals are successfully met. In case there are gaps, your support partner can use their expertise to fill them.  

Resolve Complex Issues: You may not realize, but sometimes an outside perspective can help you look at your issues from a unique perspective. An expert support solution carefully observes, defines, and understands the nature of problems while identifying the ideal solution.  

Cross-Training: An elaborate system coaching and training helps users as well as admins to self-support the system. This way you can save a ton of your time and maintain the business’s fluency. 

Data Conversion: As your business scales, your system will need to change itself too. A consistent support partner will help you with ongoing data conversions and needs. 

Saves a Good Chunk of Money: having expert support at back ensures no downtime, without you having to lose money due to unnecessary hindrances. You can attain an ongoing streamlined business especially if you implement scalable and flexible software like Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

How to Identify the Right Vendor 

For your business to have an amazing post-go-live experience, it is up to the vendor to deliver a streamlined transition between the technical support and the implementation team. Now you must be wondering how you can spot the best vendor for the implementation. It is simple, an ideal vendor does these six things while making the entire process less stressful:  

Initially in the project: at this phase, the vendor will explain how they are going to handle the after-implementation support in the first few meetings with your firm. The vendor should explain the project plan as well as the support plan.  

As go-live advances: post-go-live, it will revisit the process while reminding your employees of the upcoming transformations and allowing them to ask questions accordingly to be prepared.  

Clarifies the support segments: it will illuminate the jobs handled by each team i.e., the customer technical support team and implementation team, and the duration they will be available for. As soon as the vendor is cleared about the division, your business is ready for the forthcoming transitions.  

Knowledge transfer: It conducts a knowledge