How to Choose Technology for Effective Hi-tech and Electronics Manufacturing? 

The pace that the electronics industry is at is unmatched. The top ten electronic brands in the industries debuted hardly ten years ago. Hence, this industry is growing at a crazy speed that you need to match! Most of the business are adopting ERP for Electronics Manufacturing.

Electronics manufacturing is ideal for tech-savvy people who can be as flexible and fast as it demands. Backing up with the right technology is the most important thing. Having a unified solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you beat electronics manufacturing challenges and competitions.  

  • Electronics are subjected to faults the most, therefore, their manufacturing can become even challenging. With shrinking operating margins, global competition and innovations are lowering the prices. Hence, it becomes a necessity to become more cost-effective to balance profit.  
  • It gets even tougher to comply with the ever-changing customer preferences. Therefore, EMS companies and contract manufacturers have to establish a New Product Introduction (NPI) process. Closed-loop communication among sales, engineering, and manufacturing are essential to meet the dynamic demands of the target audience.  

  • Economic dynamics and customer cyclical demands cause production fluctuations. Customers’ preferences influence the production of a device or a certain brand on a granular level. Hence, effective lean capabilities should be established to keep up with the demands. 

  • When it comes to electronics manufacturing, sustainability is the first thing that comes to mind. Having new regulations popping up concerning social responsibilities, companies are becoming accountable for sustainable production. Since E-waste is a hot topic nowadays, the federation is more concerned about the impact it has on the environment. 

How To Spot Perfect Technology for Hi-tech and Electronics Manufacturing? 

While choosing the right technology for your electronics manufacturing you need to make sure it is a centralized solution, which provides all the necessities within the same platform. Check out groundbreaking factors the ideal software solution must have, which never ditch the manufacturers. Hit demands to the and operates business more effectively with a suitable technology such as Microsoft Dynamics:  

Component Purchasing and Sourcing  

Component sourcing includes locating, managing, and acquisition components of each important input necessary to operate your business. It may include raw material, parts labor, and production in all its forms, services, and location.  

Purchasing is one of the most crucial parts of any manufacturing industry. Make sure the software allows organizations to automate their source to pay cycle comprehensively.  

The software must manage everything related to the supplier. From sparrow messages to quotations, it must cover everything. It must manage, supplier, and keep a keen eye on the stock level.  

Bill of Material Management  

It is a must-have feature in the software solution you are about to acquire. Bill of Material is a full-fledged list of components acquired addressing the name and details of the manufacturer. BOM (Bill of Materials) is a comprehensive list of raw materials, components, parts, assemblies, and sub-assemblies placed in a hierarchical order to produce a single unit of products.  

The better and more detailed the Bills of Management are, the better manufacture-oriented decisions you can make with the real-time accurate data at hand. It allows production, R&D, procurement, logistics, pricing, and sales analysis within a centralized platform.  

The inventory management system must integrate with the ERP system to minimize mistakes and make faster and more logical decisions. It suggests the most efficient stocking methods for your inventory and enhances internal business operations overall. You can claim a well-structured reporting mechanism with ERP systems within your store and warehouse. This helps manufacturers to plan their production accordingly. You can tackle common inventory management issues and minimize overhead costs.  

Production Planning and Sourcing  

Resource planning is considered one of the most effective planning methods of all. It includes operational planning, financial planning and has a simulation capability to answer. The planning includes machine hours, man hours, storage, standard cost dollars, inventory levels, shipping levels, and so on.  

Visual Quality Inspection  

An automatic visual quality inspection boosts the manufacturing process and minimizes the manual efforts of your employees. Having this software complementing with the right hardware, defect detection gets easier. Only a few software service providers such as Trident Information System provide this service. Inspect dimensions, color, the texture of the component and remove the defective pieces right away.  

Why Trident Information Systems? 

 Being the Gold Partner of Microsoft Dynamics 365, we have been serving numerous successful business ventures. Backed up with an experience of over 22 years and 150+ technical resources, we conduct thorough research, assemble different tools, and customize a suitable software solution as per your business requirements. You can save time and build an adaptive business network, generate more revenue, and adapt quickly to market dynamics. For further queries or a demo contact us.