Be the Fittest with Modularity in This Chaotic Retail Market   

You probably would have realized that stores are closing, and it all started about a decade ago, However, COVID 19 made it even worse. In fact, according to Forbes, ‘we are witnessing a retail apocalypse.’ By the end of the year 2020, more than 15,000 stores closed, which is the highest compared to the year 2019. However, those who were running unified Software for Retail Shop not only survived relatively easily but also were way ahead in the industry.  

With a faster than expected development in digitalization, customers expect more convenience. Retailers have to find a foolproof solution to keep up with their customer service quality. For instance, ERP Software for Retailers is becoming a more fascinating choice these days. Drawn to its benefits like more profit, ease in daily operations, and happy customers, retailers are more inclined towards the idea of a modular approach. One of the finest examples includes LS Retail.  

With Power BI Embedded features for accurate demand forecast, AI-driven qualities for easier operation, and Microsoft Azure Cloud security for data theft prevention and data backup, LS Retail has become one of the most renowned Retail Management ERP Software across the globe.  

A New Beginning for Retailers  

To give a clearer picture, the pandemic alone can’t be blamed for the closing of brick-and-mortar stores. It all started a few years back when the consumer’s pattern began to shift even faster. They started showing more interest in purchasing items online instead of going to a physical store. Pandemic simply accelerated the process.  

Does it mean the stores were to end the way we believe today? Probably not. However, one constant thing is that the customers are shifting their preferences and are expected to do the same even in the future. All these things indicate that a new era of retailers is dawning. Software for Retail Shop will be prominent, and ERP Software for eCommerce will prevail.  

Flexibility for Retail Success with Software for Retail Shop  

You need a great deal of flexibility to run a successful retail business. You need to adapt to changing consumer needs, spending patterns, and journey whether online or offline. Flexibility in inventory, store locations, and store layouts is also a must. You must also have enough flexibility with the opening and closing hours of your store, as well as the level of self-service you can offer for different consumer groups.  

Have a Software for Retail Shop to support enough flexibility to your offline or online store. With Retail Software like LS Central, flexibility comes in handy. It can handle your online and offline store altogether. Provides an excellent omnichannel experience to the customer and allows them to place an order from multiple mediums. The POS Software connected to it is more than Retail Billing Software. It can extract customer data from different touch points via Power BI capabilities and turn them into insightful and actionable reports. This Retail ERP Solution is way more flexible than you can imagine.  

Modularity with Evolution  

You can get the most out of our store evolution approach which covers in-store flexibility. It is achieved via modularity, and we make sure that your consumers’ journey is optimized and right sized for every environment. To accomplish it, best-of-breed technology is used which scales and upgrades with your business to exude the maximum benefits at the least cost of ownership.  

With our Software for Retail Shop, you can combine different robust tools to support the needs and wants of todays and tomorrow’s consumers. With exceptionally flexible technology it is possible to extend or even change the components and avoid useless investments.  

Be the Fittest with Modularity and Survive  

Do you know what the future holds? Neither do we. However, incorporating flexibility into your in-store can be your key to success. With unified Store Management Software. If you too want to upgrade your store with flexible infrastructure options like self-checkout, in-store ordering through kiosks, self-scanning through mobile and so on, then a modular solution like LS Central will lead your way.  

In a nutshell, with modularity, you can get your much-needed flexibility, agility, and advanced support that lets you at ease even when there are sudden changes. In this retail evolution, you have to be the fittest to survive, and it is easier with a unified Software for Retail Shop like LS Central. If you are looking for an implementation partner, you can contact Trident Information Systems, which is a Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner, and Diamond LS Retail Implementation Partner. You can have excellent services via our team of experts 24/7. Contact us for a free demonstration now.