Benefits of Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply for your Business

As you may already know, D365 AX Support for Dynamics AX 2012 and Dynamics AX R2 will no longer be available after April 12, 2022. Hence, obligating businesses to upgrade their Microsoft AX to D365 For Finance & Operation (which is also known as D365 Finance and Supply Chain Management).  

Furthermore, D365 Finance and Supply Chain possess every feature and functionality that Microsoft Dynamics AX has to offer, builds upon them, and transforms into a full-fledged platform a 21st-century business need.  Dynamics AX on the other hand will soon terminate Dynamics AX Support while leaving you on your own. 

While Dynamics AX is merely a desktop-based application with massive infrastructure footprints, D365 Finance and Supply Chain is a comprehensive web and cloud-based software that the user can access from anywhere on different devices whenever they want.  

There is a lot of D365 For Finance & Operation has to offer, such as an Advanced user-friendly interface, web-based login, Free updates, additional integrations, better quality service, better Excel integration, LinkedIn integration, and so on.  

This version has a lot to offer a business such as:  


These integrations are highly impactful for a business to understand its current situation better and project prospects. D365 Finance and Supply Chain endorses a very tight integration to Dynamics 365 products like Marketing, Sales, Service, Office, Excel, and a lot more. Via these integrations, the user can access end-to-end data in a single platform and unlock information from various sources.  


As D365 For Finance & Operations is a Cloud-based system, Microsoft frequently schedules its updates and major updates twice a year, hence the user does not have to worry about being on the latest version as the update is done automatically. All you have to do is accept them and off you go.  


Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations provides more flexibility which lets the user save money on licensing and user. Workspaces have now replaced Role Centers while allowing multiple Dynamics 365 features to be used simultaneously through tailored dashboards. The workspace makes things simpler for the user while making inexperienced users more productive.  

Power BI  

This is certainly one of the major additions made in D365 Finance and Supply Chain. With Power BI the user can create insightful reports inD365 interface. They can unlock and leverage crucial information and create reports instantly.  

Search Capabilities  

In addition, the search capabilities in the system have become even more robust while making it simpler to find needed data no matter where it is stored in the system. The strong integration to Excel enables bi-directional data importing and exporting to D365 Finance and Supply Chain Management to Excel.  

Custom Extensions  

This is one of the new tools. It enables product extension by constructing solutions on D365 without impacting the core coding of the application. This means adding the functionality is easier and will not harm any future upgrades.  

What can D365 Finance and Supply Chain do For Your Business?

 It improves financial performance by obtaining new business opportunities through centralized management and in-built analytics.  

Helps meet regulations in different countries by having country-specific localizations in a single system.  

Helps make smart, proactive decisions via target systems, and circumcised information, tasks, and insights relevant to certain jobs.  

  • It adapts to systems while fulfilling unique business requirements with its expansion.  
  • Upgrades to new releases are like a piece of cake.  
  • Accelerates and simplifies deployment with instant-on capabilities.  
  • Tracks assets efficiently.  
  • Robust logistics management helps optimize goods and material flow.  
  • Diminishes reporting errors and automates where necessary.  
  • Gives valuable insights into every area of the supply chain through predictive analysis and Data Collection.  
  • Improves product quality with valuable insights to resolve issues early.  
  • Gets access to other D365 applications like Office 365, SharePoint, etc.  
  • Supply chain automation cuts procurement costs. 
  • Helps a business grow with D365 For Finance & Operation robust omnichannel solution.  
  • It has an on going support system unlike Dynamics AX Support. 

Bottom Line   

Dynamics 365 F&O comprises all the core data and processes under the same roof while making it easier for a business to provide visibility, standardize operations and simplify compliance. The end of D365 AX Support for Dynamics AX 2012 and Dynamics AX R2 in April 2022 is the major reason businesses need to upgrade their Dynamics AX to D365 For Finance & Operation. If you are also looking forward to the upgrade and a suitable implementation partner, you may contact Trident Information Systems who has been serving businesses for more than two decades. We have a strong record of accomplishment and a massive technical team to take care of every forthcoming business aspect. Contact us for further information.