Curb Food Manufacturing Wastage and Meet Quality Standards with Microsoft D365

In an industry where the margin is limited and the final product is perishable, the manufacturer needs to take certain steps to avoid wastage. Food manufacturers waste food every day in a concerning amount. Lack of proper inventory distribution, storage, and management are key drivers of food wastage. An ERP for Food Manufacturing can help manufacturers tackle wastage and comply with quality standards. Statistically, Food wastage is one of the leading causes adding to food costs and depleting revenue. Proper planning and inventory management can save your business from shutting down.  

Minimizing waste can save you a fortune, adding considerable value to your profit. However, have you ever wondered about the food waste driving factors?  

One of the most common factors are overbuying, spoilage, Improper Storage, and improper methods:  

  • Overbuying is the case due to a lack of efficient demand forecast. With the inability to identify customer demands, manufacturers tend to purchase certain ingredients which are left unused for a long time.  
  • Raw material and final products need proper storage otherwise, they can perish a lot faster than their estimated time.  
  • Unused items left for a long time can end up getting spoiled or become unfit to consume, hence they get wasted.  
  • Another major factor that counts is being unable to practice proper preparation techniques such as failing to get the most fruit off the grind. 

Manufacturers can prevent these factors with a suitable  ERP for Food Manufacturing such as Microsoft Dynamics 365. They can forecast demand and allocate inventory better. Proper warehouse management is necessary to boost the shelf life of your raw material and finished products. Also, training your staff to adopt certain preparation methods that ensure optimum ingredient utilization can help this process significantly.  

How Dynamics 365 ERP For Food Manufacturing Helps Curb Food Wastage and Comply with Quality Standards? 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the leading  ERP for Food Manufacturing throughout the globe. It tracks raw material, spillage, and food waste, forecasts demand, manages warehouses, and identifies how you can meet the quality standards with minimum waste.  

Demand Forecasting  

You can use this  ERP for Food Manufacturing to predict independent demand orders from sales reports and dependent demand from a decoupling point for customer orders. This upgraded demand forecast is an ideal solution for master planning. 

Historical transactions are transmitted to Microsoft Azure Machine Learning hosted on Azure. Since this service is not shared amongst users, it can be customized to fulfill industry-specific requirements. You can optimize the supply chain management to view and adjust forecasts and spot the Key Performance indicators (KPIs) on forecast certainty.  

Inventory Management  

With real-time visibility, you can manage inventory better, order, and optimize the accurate ingredient ratio. Microsoft Dynamics 365 keeps upgrading its inventory management capacities for more sophisticated supply chain tactics optimization, such as assigning series numbers and locations to different food products, inventory organization for transfer routes, added item carts, and cards creation to classify each product.  

Measuring available inventory, categorizing added items, and importing zip files for item images.  

Complete Automation  

Dynamics 365 for Food Manufacturing ensures the best  ERP for Food Manufacturing. A Complete manufacturing automation minimizing human efforts as much as possible. Leading to a manufacturing process boost and waste reduction at the same time. For instance, adopting Automatic Visual detect detection minimizes human efforts and the scope of errors. Or automatic data analysis extracting market demands and production requirements offer quicker reports than your data analysts. sparing you enough time to use it on other productive activities.  

Avoids Overproduction  

Under Microsoft Dynamics  ERP for Food Manufacturing, you can purchase apt equipment and tools your business needs to avoid overproduction. Waste reduction gets easier with proper inventory control, accurate timelines, and efficient management. With manufacturing workflow process integrations and adjusting production schedules can help reduce food wastage to a significant level.  

Also, its robust features such as capacity loading, production-driven automation can help you determine the cost of each activity occurring at the factory.  

Warehouse Management  

The warehouse management module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations manages warehouse operations regarding manufacturing, distribution, and retail companies. You can claim a wide range of features baking up warehouse operations optimally at any given time. The warehouse is completely integrated with other business operations in finance and operations such as manufacturing, quality control, transportation, purchase, sales, transfer, and returns, etc. 

Lean Manufacturing  

Optimize lean manufacturing method to minimize waste. Applying this concept can allow manufacturers to cut costs on every business aspect. From accounting to payroll, there are numerous ways to cut activities that do not add value to the business. Similarly, Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you streamline every aspect of manufacturing. The integrated software generates a factory consisting of an unmatched level of efficiency and eliminates non-value-adding activities.  

What is Vision Quality Inspection (VQI) and How Does It Help in FMCG Manufacturing?  

Vision Quality Inspection is a technology accompanied by hardware created by our experts to detect defects while manufacturing FMCG products.  

  • It is particularly useful for reign particle detection such as stones, metals, insects, small animals, unwanted vegetables, wood, thorns, and so on.  
  • Confirm the structural dimension and quality with relative dimension monitoring, check if the necessary components are present and unwanted particles are evaded.  
  • Automate color identification and identify if the product is in the right tone of color. Measure and control the product intensity and spectrum of the object’s illustration.  

Why would you choose Trident? 

Trident Information Systems offers one of the best ERP for Food Manufacturing. After winning multiple awards, we are recognized as the Gold Partner of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and LS Retail, we are armed with 150+ technical resources and have come up with unique services such as Vision Quality Inspections. Optimizing food manufacturing and ensuring quality, this innovation of ours has gained significant recognition among manufacturers. Not every implementation partner provides this add-on. Additionally, we are one of the oldest B2B service providers in India, extending our services to South Africa, America, the UK, and GCC countries.