Streamline Transport and Logistics with Trident’s Warehouse Management System

Being one of the major aspects of a transportation and Logistics business, warehouses can never be left unattended. ERP for Warehouse Management is essential for streamlining business operations. With suitable Warehouse Management Software, you can attain proper organization, management, and maintenance. However, be cautious about the ERP for Warehouse Management you pick.  

Warehouses are complex in structure and might even stumble upon operational issues, just like any other business aspect. It can impact the speed, productivity, and overall efficiency of either a particular warehouse operation or the entire chain. Certain issues tag along, For Instance: 

  • Most warehouses are likely to perform multiple operations on a single item, which can lead to redundancy issues. In other words, you may end up performing the same operation multiple times on a single item. These are very common amongst unorganized warehouses. It eats double the cost to revert the mistakes, and do not forget the time you have lost so far.  

  • Over the years, storage costs have risen to a considerable value, due to which many warehouse managers decided to optimize their storage. However, they fail to do so and use up to 68% of the total capacity. This happens due to unstructured warehouse layouts. Proper Warehouse Management Software can be useful in this case.  

  • According to some studies, 43% of small business owners do not follow proper inventory management. They either do not pay attention to accurate item tracking or do not have access to a robust inventory management system. Hence, leading to visibility issues.  

  • There are specific product streaming demands for a fixed period of the year. Whereas other items might cover the rest of the duration. Sometimes a sudden influx of demand might also occur surprisingly and, for which your warehouse might be unprepared. This usually happens due to a lack of current market demand analysis.  

And the list goes on. However, you need to find a foolproof solution for this cause. Try Trident’s warehouse management services, designed specifically to overcome warehouse management issues so you can operate your business seamlessly.  

ERP for Warehouse Management by Trident 

Get ready to embrace everything your industry demands! Trident Information systems have brought to you the ERP for Warehouse Management. Claim wireless receiving, replenishment, direct put away, order planning and fulfillment, task interleaving, and much more.  

With our solution, you can cover all the warehouse-oriented operations starting from cargo arrival to dispatch, everything within the same technical environment. 

  • Get a comprehensive set of tools for modern ERP for Warehouse Management, complying with general cargo, temperature control, agro products, etc.  
  • Avail Inward and outward Truck dock and queue management features.  
  • Access Tools to handle multiple customers and warehouses for 3PL enabling location transfer within/ intra-warehouse.  
  • Create Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) via inbound systems to  
  • Claim Location management tools for space optimization.  
  • Generate barcodes and assign them for cargo.  
  • Optimize a Built-in Business intelligence.  

How does Trident Add Value to Your Warehouse Operations? 

Trident’s ERP for Warehouse Management can be easily deployed over the web. You can either get it On-Demand (SaaS) or On-Premises, whatever suits you. We are renowned for our flexible and customized solutions. With our WMS (Warehouse Management Systems), you can get the following features:  

  • Real-time visibility  
  • Embedded Radio Frequency  
  • Real-time Mobile Transactions 
  • Order Completion   
  • Labor Optimization  
  • Advanced Operating Support  

Real-Time Visibility  

Visibility issues can land your logistics and transportation business some serious issues. Improper inventory tracking can cause overstocking or understocking and replenishment issues. With Trident, you can get real-time inventory visibility, replenishment, cycle counting RF adjustments, and Movements. Also, license plates control configurable inventory status and so on.  

Embedded Radio Frequency  

It is okay if you cannot access your computer all the time. Our ERP for Warehouse Management supports mobile devices along with Windows CE/ Windows, allowing all the PC-supported features. Process transactions in real-time, manage inventory and production, capture labor statistics, etc. everything within the same technical environment.  

Real-Time Mobile Transactions 

Optimize the configurable process workflow while processing transactions. Operate as per configuration as well as customizations. Our flexible software solution gives you enough elasticity to work more conveniently using your mobile device. Customize your workflow steps and ensure rules-driven allocation and storage.  

Order Completion 

Complete orders more efficiently with our product. Wave load planning and try deferred reservation strategies. Experience Radio Frequency directed systems, pick, pack stag and you are ready to go. Get value-added services such as Advanced Pick Flows: batch pick, cluster pick and pick and pass. Plan the best possible route for the fastest delivery with carrier routing and of course quality control.  

Labor Optimization  

Human resources are the most complex yet the most valuable resource of any business no matter how technically advanced an organization becomes. Your output depends on how much you optimize your labor. With Trident’s ERP for Warehouse Management, you can spot when your labor interleaves, set priority assignments, access real-time RF work completion, eliminate manual errors with complete automation, benchmark work rates, estimate time for work completion, catch tasks real duration and report labor.  

Advanced Operations Support  

Tap into our advanced operation support where you can electronically interchange Inbound / Outbound data, generate documents, compliant labeling, cross-dock, and flow-through, distribute retail, and integrate MHE.  

Trident’s Customer Support Service  

Our responsibility is not over once you go live with our software but initiates from there. Despite all the testing you might face technical issues just like with any other software. Instant support becomes crucial in an environment where everything is interdependent, and a minute disruption can hamper the entire workflow process.  

You can access our 24/7 online helpdesk support portal. Schedule a booking and get responses at a predictable time. Scheduled requests are prioritized before the unscheduled customers.  

What Benefits does Trident’s WMS Provide to your Business? 

Trident Warehouse Management Services can provide tremendous benefits to your business. Our system provides efficiency to both your physical space and labor via work process monitoring and enhancing asset utilization. Our WHS manages your inventory in a way that enhances accuracy, throughput, and speed.  

Optimize Space and Cut Costs  

Our WHM system optimizes your warehouse flow and identifies the best use of floor spaces as per your tasks and material characteristics. Our software determines how the space can be optimally used while minimizing waste – waste of premium floor space and waste of time.  

Inventory Visibility  

We provide visibility and real-time inventory levels. This way you can securely estimate supply and ditch backorders. Our system works in conjunction with your ERP and planning functions. Hence, providing demand to forecast functions with the help of precise information on certain products.  

Optimum Labor Efficiency  

Our Warehouse Management Software can better assign the right tasks to the right person. Therefore, optimizing the labor’s efficiency. One of the greatest optimizations our WHM can provide is travel time optimization. Using labor forecasting, the system assigns jobs daily and designs schedules efficiently.  

Trident Information Systems, being a gold partner of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and LS Retail, is one of the leading B2B service providers. Backed up with 150+ technical resources, we have served multiple organizations in India and beyond. Our 22+ years of experience and modern skillset benchmark our efficiency. For further queries, contact us

The Transportation and Logistics sector joins other industries via land, sea, and aviation mediums. Businesses specializing in these operations aim at providing on-time delivery of ready-to-use products, works, data, and raw materials. Therefore, such businesses aspire to implement the Best ERP for Transportation Company. It streamlines its complex logistics operations by delivering a unified ERP for Transportation, which weaves all the necessary business functions on the same platform while enabling centralized control.  

A lack of organization in your logistics business can cause you huge money and time losses. Logistics companies may come across various industrial challenges such as:  

Massive transportation costs: Poor planning, long routes, and hiked fuel costs are some of the reasons contributing to this issue.  

Too much data to handle: Employees have to manage a fleet, cargo, routes, customer interactions, and bills. It is too much data to handle which requires great dedication and extensive organization.  

Unique Demands: With customers demanding more comfort and customized services, it becomes harder for logistics companies to please everyone without digital support.  

Regulatory Issues: Complying with every regulation feels like a headache but it is necessary and failing to do so can lay heavy penalties on your business. Find the Best ERP for Transportation Company

How is Microsoft Dynamics 365 the Best ERP for Transportation Company?  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the Best Transportation Software ERP in India. It helps businesses use their transportation optimally as well as identify routing solutions and vendors for inbound and outbound orders. For instance, finding the fastest route at the cheapest shipping rates becomes easier. There are many instances where this ERP for Logistics and Supply Chain helps such as:  

Scenario #1 

Using external logistics providers for transportation activities: This Transportation Management Software helps take care of inbound and outbound transportation.  

Scenario #2  

Passing on a load of delivery charges on customers: In the case of outbound processes, you can utilize the ERP for Logistics Operations to decide changes in your transportation charges before passing them on to customers without needing the carrier invoice reconciliation process.  

Scenario #3  

A different legal entity provides logistics services in the same company: you can optimize ERP for Transportation by treating the other entity like any other shipping carrier. You cannot automate the economic transactions between legal entities. Thus, you have to manage these transactions manually.   

Transportation Planning in Supply Chain Management  

Transportation planning is either based on orders or the shipments of the orders. The shipments are always present at some point. However, they are not necessary for transportation planning. Outbound scenarios include transfer orders and can be coupled with sales orders while planning. The Best ERP for Transportation Company in your will optimally handle inbound, outbound transportation, as well as load building.   

Inbound Transportation  

When you order materials from a vendor and want to get them delivered to your warehouse, you may want to rearrange the items yourself. With this Freight Forwarding Software, you can plan the transportation and the inbound load receipt.   

  • Create or modify inbound load for shipping.  
  • Assign a price and route to the inbound route.  
  • Consolidate multiple shipments into a load.  
  • Confirm a load for shipping.  
  • Plan appointments for the load.  
  • Register Driver check-out and check-in for an appointment. 

Outbound Transportation  

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Transportation and Logistics, you can plan and operate an outbound load to ship centric items from the warehouse to a customer. You may optimize ERP in logistics and Supply Chain Management to plot the transportation and shipping of an outbound load.  

  • You may create and customize an outbound load.  
  • Allocate a price and route to the outbound load.  
  • Create, process, and release a wave. 
  • Pick, put, and pack the outbound load.  
  • You can also combine multiple shipments into a load. 
  • Plan appointments for a load.  
  • Register Driver check-out and check-in for an appointment.  
  • Finalize a load for shipping.   

Load Building 

ERP in Logistics and Supply Chain enables a load building method called Volume-based load building strategy. It enables the user to optimize values specified for weight and height in the load template. You can also modify the setting by entering new values. To use this method, go to the Load building workbench page, and pick it in the load building strategy field on the Setup FastTab. Additionally, you can also create tailored strategies by generating a fresh class in the AOT (Application Object Tree).  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Transportation and Logistics is one of the Best ERP for Transportation Company. It overcomes challenges that the logistics industry faces. Also, it streamlines operations while maintaining your financial balance in different scenarios. Trident Information Systems is a Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner that serves various businesses across the world. With a massive team of experts, Trident has specialized in different industries. If you want to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Transportation and Logistics, contact us.