The Importance of Omni Channel Management in Restaurant and Foodservice.

Ensure a seamless journey to your customers and let them place orders from the channel of their choice. Integrate every channel and manage them centrally with an ERP for Hospitalitysuch as LS Retail: one of the best Hospitality ERP Software. Omnichannel was once believed to be used by only retailers focusing on consistent customer experience throughout various channels: Brick and mortar, direct and wholesale. However, many people overlook its importance in the restaurant industry since it operates quite differently than retail. Nevertheless, restaurants and other foodservice providers operate on different channels and can tremendously benefit from it.  

Why an Omni Channel Restaurant Strategy? 

The Restaurant industry is transforming, and so are their needs, a good Restaurant Management Software can help keeping-up with the transformation. Today’s consumers want to order their fast food from anywhere and at any time. It is imperative, and not optional that the customer experience is seamless and connected. Those consumer needs are driving the omnichannel trend. For restaurants, that means providing their customers with multiple ways to order, pay, and receive their meals. 

Restaurant operators are now recognizing its importance in their industry. They are acknowledging the importance of being visible to new customers while embracing multiple channels and hence adopt a wise multi-channel management system i.e., Omni Channel. This is the same reason an eCommerce retailer decides to have a concrete shop to reach more customers. Be it via enhanced delivery options, a non-traditional and pop-up unit, food trucks, or any other medium, restaurants are reaching more customers through different channels.  

How does Omni Channel Management Help the Restaurant and Foodservice Business? 

Customers demand more convenience as soon as they get in touch with your restaurant. It is up to you to offer a continuous brand image and customer experience both online and offline for pick-ups, dine-in, takeout throughout devices. With such efforts, the customer feels looked after and gets a consistent experience. Given below are the few benefits of proper Omni-channel management for your restaurant business: 

Central Control for Multiple Locations 

With LS Retail Hospitality’s Omni Channel Management, control all your food channels centrally from the head office. Set up menu items, recipes, meal deals, and modifiers. The system replicates data and transmits it throughout the Restaurants, automatically allowing you to manage POS (point of sale) terminals and staff from headquarters. Being one of the Best Software for Restaurantit offers multiple tools within the same platform which many of the other Restaurant Management Software fail to offer.  

A Greater Reach  

The more channels your restaurant has, the bigger the audience you can reach. Consider how many additional consumers you could reach if you started offering delivery, takeout, or a drive through.  

In the delivery space, you can choose to collaborate with a third-party service provider, already having a large customer base such as Uber Eats,, Deliveroo, etc. ERP for Hospitality such as LS Retail itself can manage your delivery and online ordering operation more efficiently. 

Free Flow of Information with Microsoft Business Central 

Integrate omnichannel the correct way with your ERP for Hospitality: POS or food delivery apps. As soon as you are onboard new customers on your POS, you can simply collect their data and optimize it to generate loyalty programs.  

As you integrate more channels you start collecting new data from new sources. If used correctly, you can understand your customers’ behavior and identify new methods to serve them better.  

Improving data flow also enhances your efficiency from the front office to the back office. When you have efficient technology and clean data, you might as well take care of your staff better. Hence, encouraging them to become more efficient.  

Improved Customer Experience  

Providing a consistent Brand Image and streamlining customer experience is what Omnichannel experience is all about. The main objective of this approach is to create a seamless customer experience throughout all the channels and touchpoints, treating them the same irrespective of the location they placed an order. This fosters brand loyalty and repeated business.  

Aligning all your channels not only streamlines the user experience but is also an asset to customer service and support. Your support team can extract your customer’s records on interactions, issues, and orders in real-time. Hence, turning the buyer’s journey a lot easier and satisfactory.  

CRM Data Optimization 

You can use CRM to gather direct feedback from your customers. Similarly, you may respond swiftly to all reviews and build a personal connection with them. The best way to get repeat business is to nurture your customers. You can optimize omnichannel strategies such as email and SMS campaigns to maintain and strengthen customer relationships.  

Through the right targeting and segmentation, you can access the right set of customers. Adding personalized messages such as greeting cards on their birthday, offering exclusive rewards for being a valued customer, or offering their preferred dish as an incentive. Use automated workflows to ensure you deliver these campaigns at a precise time.  

Greater Flexibility  

Omnichannel management helps maintain and keep track of everything throughout multiple platforms. A customer should be able to order food from any chain available near him as well as return it if not satisfied. These flexible options are available in an ERP for Hospitality to boost customer satisfaction and sales. 

Studies show a customer is most likely to purchase from a business if their omnichannel works seamlessly and empowers them to make flexible choices.  

With LS Retail – the Best ERP for Hospitality, you can simplify your omnichannel management and provide better flexibility to your customers.  

Why Trident? 

After winning multiple awards, Trident Information Systems has been recognized as a Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 and LS retail partner since 2004 and services many restaurants and foodservice businesses so far. With our ERP for Hospitality services, 150+ resources, and technical tools, many successful restaurants have been our clients. For further queries contact us.