How Business Central Fits Small Businesses So Well?

Dynamics Business Central was specifically designed keeping SMEs in mind. It is a unified ERP and CRM and an upgraded version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Consisting of all the NAVs functionalities, it comes with more flexible options. It aims at the smoothness and security of your business with Microsoft Cloud Azure. Everything is stored on a single database, hence allowing real-time visibility and faster data access. However, you can run it on-premises as well as on the cloud.  

Microsoft Business Central fosters automation which therefore leads to better and faster management of operations. It further consists of shipping, sales, finance, manufacturing, service delivery, etc. on the same platform.  

Why Dynamics Business Central for Small Businesses? 

One of the major reasons why Dynamics Business Central is so favorable for small to mid-sized businesses is because of its affordability and flexibility. Furthermore, you can integrate it with different third-party apps and customize it however you want. The reasons why it fits small-sized businesses are as given below.  

Extremely User-friendly  

First, Dynamics Business Central is extremely easy to use. With an intuitive interface, it doesn’t take too long for a newbie to learn how it works. If you have already used basic applications like Excel and outlook, you can use them easily. Furthermore, it guides you through the process step-by-step and you can even find answers to your queries by clicking on the ribbon icon at the top of the screen.  

If you wish to access the role centers, you just open the homepage and you are there! You can find the roles you have assigned like finance, inventory, logistics, etc. 

Flexible Subscription Model  

Flexibility is the best part of the Business Management Software. Unlike other software, where you pay an upfront cost, you can use Dynamics 365 Business Central on a subscription. It serves a pay-per-user model where you will only pay for what you need.  


For quickly growing small businesses, Dynamics Business Central provides various flexible options. You can scale up or down this software without having to see complexities. Your data stays intact, and operations work seamlessly. You can integrate third-party applications as per your requirements. It doesn’t matter which industry you belong to; be it manufacturing, apparel retail, or logistics, it will work for you as effectively as it would for other industries.  


D365 BC completely automated your business while allowing your staff to focus on other high-yielding areas. You can further expect faster operations with low human errors. Automation is necessary for the overall growth of business efficiency.  

Remote Access  

The pandemic was harsh for every business, especially small businesses where they struggled a lot to survive. Working from home has become a necessity. Those who couldn’t comply had to face severe losses. Even if you do not have a definite base, or your business involves a lot of traveling, Dynamics Business Central has a feature for you; remote access. No matter where you are in the world, you can access your business from any device remotely.  

High Security  

Being hosted on Microsoft Cloud Azure, Dynamics Business Central ensures bank-level security of your data. You can count on Microsoft Security as they have engaged over 3000 technical experts who are working day and night to keep your system secure. One team creates the latest potential threats and the other finds ways to tackle them.  

Latest Technology on Budget 

As soon as you are on Microsoft Dynamics 365, you will not have to engage your technical team for its maintenance and update. Microsoft D365 will do this for you instead. Dynamics Business Central launches major updates every 6 months and minor upgrades every quarter. Since you can pay on a subscription, you have your budget set! 

Being on the latest technology is crucial to stay ahead in the race. However, there is another factor that will decide how far you will go with the technology, and that is your implementation partner. What is the point of installing robust technology if you can’t get enough support for it? What if your service provider is not there to rescue you from an ugly situation?  

It is always better to research thoroughly and find a suitable D365 Implementation Partner. Trident Information Systems have been serving SMEs and large businesses for more than two decades. With a high customer retention rate, robust technical resources, and a massive team of experts, we became Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Implementation Partner and LS Central Diamond Partner. Our 100% success rates ensure three-fold. If you wish to implement Dynamics Business Central, Contact Us Today!