ERP for Retail

How Does ERP for Retail Help You Cut down Retail Queues?

Did you know that long queues can make customers not want to come back to your store? About 70% of customers in a poll even said that they will not want to return to a particular store where they had to stand in long queues. LS Retail is a cloud-based ERP for Retail that helps retailers to manage their stores efficiently. It provides an end-to-end solution for managing all aspects of retail operations, including inventory, sales channels, and Customer Relationship Management.  

LS Retail ERP helps retailers to connect with their customers efficiently using a real-time interface. The product has been designed in such a way that it can easily be integrated into existing ERP systems or any other applications that you might have deployed on your business premises. 

In this blog, we will further discuss how LS Retail helps cut down queues in your retail store.  

How Can You Reduce Queues in Retail Stores? 

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of the retail business. It is a crucial part of your business and can help you to achieve success in it. Given below are some tips to help you eliminate queues and make customers happy: 

Install More Mobile POS 

Without having to construct additional checkout lines or pay for additional software features, wouldn’t it be convenient to have more POS machines available during peak hours? This is now possible because sophisticated point-of-sale (POS) software can run on tablets and smartphones, allowing you the ability to add mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) devices as needed and then store them away when business is slow. With mobile POS, your workers can scan things and take card payments right away, reducing wait times at the register. Anywhere on the shop floor, mobile POS can be used to give services, such as checking an item’s availability or description. 

Set up a Different Space for Complex Transitions 

Simple transactions such as buying and paying for the same usually flow smoothly. However, they are not the only transaction types that can be seen in retail stores. Some customers would want to exchange an item, redeem their loyalty points, sign up for a subscription, and so on. For such transactions, it is always smarter to set up a dedicated counter for the customers. An ERP for Retail can help you manage everything on the same platform. It becomes easier to manage everything when you have the same database.  

Choose an Intuitive POS  

Expect irritated personnel, unhappy customers, and long queues in your store if your checkout system is difficult to understand and difficult to operate. Because the (sometimes very young) employees have to use a booklet with codes to register things without a barcode, there is a supermarket chain They avoid on the weekends. Processing a cartload of various veggies can take a while at the register since the cashier must first try to identify the item in the plastic bag before looking up the relevant code in the booklet. And guess what if he’s wrong? Oh, he must call for a manager. 

You may speed up processes at the register and reduce training periods by selecting an ERP for Retail with an intuitive Point of Sale system with a simple-to-use interface and quick learning curve (a great plus, especially if staff turnover is high in your store). Learn what qualities to look for in a retail point of sale and choose software that can help your company. 

A single line has several benefits: first, no server is idle while there are still customers waiting; second, the waiting time is the same for everyone, even if one register gets stuck for any reason; and finally, a single line feels “fairer” to those waiting because they know they will be served in the order of arrival. 

Get an ERP for Retail  

When choosing new software, search for platforms that have a reputation for being dependable and quick to process transactions. You don’t want to end up in long lines or lose clients because of technical difficulties or because “the computer is stuck again!” One of our customers told us a horrifying tale about their old point-of-sale system failing in the middle of the Christmas Eve rush. The systems in their main store went down due to one of our cash registers locking up. They had to manually handle each transaction by writing it down, which resulted in long lineups outside the store. That day, they easily lost $20,000, and who knows how it will affect repeat business in the future. They concluded that reliability is the most crucial factor to consider while selecting a system. The business is now content to use LS Central  ERP for Retail

Summing Up 

Long lines could be a wonderful problem to have since they indicate how well-liked your store is. However, this translates to delayed service, boredom, and stressed-out staff members for your customers. Customers wait eagerly for establishments without cashiers and lines, but you may move things forward by cutting down on wait times by following the tips above and getting an ERP for Retail. Please get in touch with us if you need assistance identifying the appropriate technology to enhance the shopping experience in your establishments. Trident Information Systems is a D365 Gold Partner and LS Central Diamond Partner.