Transform Fleet Management with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations  

It is easier for businesses having limited vehicles to manage on their own. However, for medium to large scale businesses, it is recommended to opt for unified Fleet Management Software like the one Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations offers. 

Any business that owns a fleet of vehicles to transport goods from one location to another or from the store to straight at the customer’s doorstep, requires management. In the era of digitally transformed competition, it is mandatory to optimize the latest technology to stay ahead in the race. Even those ventures fall into the category of providing outsourced services for transportation. 

D365 F&O can resolve fleet management challenges faced by managers such as:  

  • Tedious administrative tasks such as invoicing, quoting, dispatching, and keeping customers up to date are time-consuming.  
  • Fluctuating fuel costs can add a significant cost to your budget.  
  • Unforeseen vehicle breakdowns can cause delivery delays and a downfall in productivity.  
  • The inability to reach drivers while they are driving adds another challenge to the list.  
  • Inability to maintain driver’s productivity as losing good drivers is an expensive affair.  
  • Lack of coordination among fleets scattered in various locations.  
  • Scattered data leading to poor decisions is one of the major concerns.  

How Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations help your Business? 

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations delivers unified Fleet Management Software that allows you to manage buses, trucks, delivery vehicles, and a lot more. Instead of directly calling drivers, this solution enables live vehicle tracking, route progress, and even late or missed stops. It allows various robust functions such as: 

Driver Management 

D365 Finance and Operations helps manage your driver by automatically recording locations, trips, and driving behavior. Monitoring their activities, driving patterns and vehicle utilization becomes easier. You can easily create and manage a driver’s profile and identify if they have an expired license. You can also access alert emails/SMS for long driving hours. Check if any of them violate the rules. In addition, it also delivers insightful statistical reports on driver management.  

Trip Scheduling and Route Planning  

This feature of the single Fleet Management Software allows you to create trip specifying instructions and waypoints. You can schedule trips and predict optimal routes based on traffic. You can get accurate data on turn-by-turn driving directions, estimated driving time, and distance. Besides, it calculates and generates routes for the fastest travel hence saving you fuel. Route planning is automated. You can easily search, plot, assess, and print your route.  

Vehicle Maintenance  

With vehicle maintenance, you can create better schedules, and maintenance plans based on industrial rules while tracking vehicles needing sudden attention. In addition, you can track their history based on their type (e.g., four-wheelers, two-wheelers, loading capacities, etc.) You can also track budgeting vs actual maintenance cost. 

Vehicle Tracking  

The solution enables real-time vehicl