Six Must Self-Asked Questions for Retailers  

Retailers these days are aspiring for strategies to provide unparalleled services to their customers. Experimenting with innovative technology is one of the latest trends around, for instance, ERP Software for Retailers like LS Retail ERP is getting popular throughout the world due to its flexibility and scalability.  The urge to surpass competition is their driving factor.  

There are “n” number of technologies claiming to be the best. However, choosing the ideal option is up to the retailer and his requirements. With a comprehensive evaluation, they can satisfy their customers and thrive in the retail market.  

To produce an appropriate strategy, there are certain questions a retailer must ask himself. Without a legit evaluation, randomly following a path becomes risky. Given below are six must self-ask questions.  

Q1: What platform do your customers prefer for shopping? 

Identify the platforms your customers are driving to, i.e., is it online or offline. How many purchases do they make through their smartphones? How do they like to pick up their orders? Is it online or offline? What services are they looking for while shopping? Make sure you use an ERP Software for Retailers to integrate your platforms and deliver more convenience while shopping. If you want to understand their spending pattern and preference, you may as well use AI-based technology that collects customer data, evaluates their pattern, and generates insightful reports.  

Q2: When do they shop, and how easily do you refer to related items? 

This is an essential aspect of good upselling. Identify when they shop and what they are interested in. Notice when they prefer to make purchases on a certain item at a specific time. If you fail, you are slipping the opportunity to make additional sales. BI tools, in this case, can be useful to you. They identify what products they are constantly visiting online and make purchases to make relevant product references.  

Q3: What is their most preferred communication channel? 

Even though Omni-channels customers desire to communicate via different mediums, there are still some ways that stand out for them. The key is to identify those segments and apply the right strategies and campaigns there. This can bring a significant business inflow. Use the right technology to identify every possibility that can bring new businesses in. 

Q4: How do you create loyalty programs? 

Do you randomly create loyalty programs for your customers based on trends? or do you actually think about it and then act? Do you segment your customers and provide suitable programs for each group? Do you have a suitable technology that supports loyalty programs? 

 ERP Software for Retailers is the best platform that helps you generate effective loyalty programs. It uses power BI to extract customer data from every point. It can read and identify their spending patterns while segregating them into different groups enabling you to create suitable offers and deals for either different groups or individuals.  

Q5: How many customers of yours use social media? 

These days, most people are scrolling through their social media and getting influenced by certain products they come across. Social media is a terrific way to monitor customer feedback and encourage them to purchase new products. Some companies even enable “buy now” buttons on their social media. It is smarter to foster a new product drive via the platforms your customers already love.  

Q6: What is your overall management technology like? 

Some companies pose to be the best omnichannel providers in the market. However, you cannot risk trusting just anyone randomly, you must conduct thorough research and then opt for the right service provider. We recommend using a ERP Software for Retailers like LS Retail, which delivers the most robust omnichannel solution without fail.  

Businesses that use disparate systems for different activities end up falling into complications, the data right is nowhere to be found when needed the most. If you use different systems, you need more time and a dedicated IT team for their maintenance and updates. LS Retail ERP on the other hand is an extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365, which frequently updates your system without disturbing your business’s ecosystem and provides major updates twice a year after notifying you about it prior. Moreover, the maintenance is undertaken by the company itself, so you can engage your workforce in other productive activities.  

If you are looking for ERP Software for Retailers , contact Trident Information Systems for a demo. We are the LS Retail Gold Implementation Partner having a large team of experts and a robust record of accomplishment.