How to Tackle Top Fleet Management Challenges In 2022?

When it comes to logistics management, plant management teams are stretched thin. Surrounded by multiple priorities, they often turn to creative problem-solving methods. At times, it is easy to push down fleet maintenance in the list and postpone the maintenance. However, it ends up becoming a risky affair. Businesses are now turning to technology as the aid and embracing Fleet Management Software. Disregarding your fleet management disrupts your supply chain and you end up succumbing to the supply chain challenges.  

The pandemic catalysts for more challenges. However, you can still see it from two different perspectives. On the one hand, leaders are struggling to recruit and retain the next generation of drivers. This scarcity is one of the major challenges, all the while rising costs. Few new and currently available vehicles are contributing to supply chain disruptions equally.  

However, on the brighter side, top Transport Management Software is transforming the industry on a cellular level. Advances for fleets such as Artificial Intelligence, Power BI, and Business analytics are now maturing at an incredible rate, and for the first time, we can witness challenges and opportunities beautifully incorporating one another.  

The long-term organizational goals depend upon how the leaders navigate the coming year, what choices they make and how well they implement Fleet Management Software. The technology must ensure improved customer transparency and experience and optimize reduced deployment.  

As the list of concerts stretches far, it is time for industry leaders to focus on their needs. Instead of playing disruption “whack a mole,” a focused, meaningful technological approach is necessary. ERP for Transportation can have a meaningful impact on your overall supply chain. There are Supply Chain ERP Systems like Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain which ensures you have a smooth supply chain using its high-end technology which of course manages the fleet excellently. Moreover, those Who are concerned about their data safety may also rest assured with the Microsoft Azure safety policy. To discuss the challenges, certain areas will stand out this year 

Technology and Safety  

Fleet plays a vital role in the success of different industries. Be it construction, landscaping, manufacturing, or retail, fleets are the key factors in transporting the basic material requirements. It is the driver and the fleet asset which ensures your customer service quality. However, they are always at an inherent risk. Unexpected weather, distracted drivers, roadblocks, and so on are at the mercy of their safe driving procedures. One accident may lead to the ramification for not just your whole business but also for those travelling along that road. With Dynamics 365 Fleet Management Software, you can live track the driver and the assigned fleets subsequently. You can find the shortest route to achieve fast delivery goals, also you can check which route may have the most traffic to avoid. Get instant updates of assignments via push updates and find out the actual hour of operations on each assigned task. Using AI (Artificial Intelligence), you can foresee upcoming challenges and strategize the best feasible way to tackle the same.  

Supply Chain Disruptions  

Supply chain disruption poses a key challenge in 2022. Being a sustainable problem, fleets and consumers alike have witnessed firsthand microchip shortages that roll up the automotive industry. Furthermore, a rise in raw material costs could be seen as the major transportation routes witnessed lockdown across the globe. Every country in the world is facing the impact and expects these disruptions to continue in the following years.  

To minimize and control these issues, there are certain measures the leaders can take. Allowing Fleet Management Software can change the game. Software for a transport company not just streamlines your logistics management but also tracks the best possible route to keep a smooth supply chain going. You can also opt for a full-fledged Supply Chain Management Software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations which aids live inventory tracking, finance management, vendor management, raw material sourcing, demand forecasting, and a lot more under the same umbrella.  

Environmental Controls  

The extreme climatic changes have given rise to greater awareness of climate change and led to the latest clean air standards. The tight environmental legislation may force fleet managers to witness multiple mandates and terminate the use of internal combustion engines   

These challenges gave rise to the UNDP (United Nation Development Program) which collaborates with the host countries to upgrade well-being, peace, and sustainable development. It runs many significant projects in employment, education, agriculture, health, and so on. To resolve an entrenched and complex challenge, one requires innovation and creativity.  

Assigning people to tackle a specific challenge demands a sizable fleet. UNDP employs around 2,999 fleets including cars, vans, trucks, and sometimes even armored vehicles. Their proliferation into the fleet industry is useful in manufacturing plants. To determine the savings, charging costs, and impact on the bottom line, leaders can also opt for Supply Chain ERP Systems.  


As fleets become automatic and powered digitally, the maintenance team will be a critical part of the security system to ensure the safe use of transport. Apart from inspecting and ensuring the backup systems and safeguards are in place but also monitoring the technology used. Then comes data security and backup. The team is also responsible for keeping and backing up the data.  

With Microsoft Fleet Management Software comes Microsoft Azure, which helps you ensure high-level data security and safety. There is always a risk of data loss in case of disparate system usage while upgrading. However, this can never be the case with Microsoft Dynamics 365. All the data is stored in one database and can be accessed using a single platform. Even the upgrade is easy and ensures no data loss. Microsoft provides minute upgrades now and then, and before any major upgrade, you will be notified a couple of days prior.  

To resolve modern fleet management issues, you need a modern solution. An advanced Fleet Management Software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you resolve not just your fleet management challenges but the overall supply chain too. If you are looking for a Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain implementation, contact Trident Information Systems, a gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner, and Diamond LS Retail Implementation Partner