How to Centrally Manage Freight Forwarding, Rail Yard & Fleet Operations Effectively

Managing your logistics and transport operations can be quite challenging especially due to the Covid-19 Pandemic which has hiked rail freight traffic in various parts of the globe. Two industry trends are majorly driving this growth i.e., customer demands after hitting shortages, and packed truckload ability. These situations lead organizations to look for alternatives to beat the rising challenges. Adopting advanced fleet management software is one of the most effective measures which logistic managers are opting for, to keep up with the competition.  

There are six modes of transportations – road transportation, maritime transportation, air transportation, rail transport, intermodal transport, and pipelines. However, the logistic managers prefer one which stands up to their four requirements – the one who could transport maximum product volume at the maximum speed over the greatest distance at a minimum cost. All the companies pick their models according to these standards.  

Current Challenges Faced by Logistics Companies  

As of the current scenario, measures to cope with challenges need a new outlook such as adopting an advanced Fleet management software to centrally manage freight forwarding, rail, yard & fleet operations effectively. Current challenges include:  

The Recovery Playbook  

This pandemic has highlighted the weak spots in supply chains which have led the stakeholders to pay closer attention to supply chain resilience and seek clarity on their recovery plans. To stay adaptable, the supply chain is required to enhance its visibility, provide reliable analysis and adopt active freight procurement options.  

All of the above issues need digitalization as early as possible. A good freight forwarding software would do just the thing. This is the perfect time to make investments in digital asset procurement.  

Keeping up with Sustainability  

Sustainable practices include route optimization and reducing half-full trucks. Companies that practiced sustainability are more likely to keep with the decarbonization movement than those that neglected its importance. Digitizing the supply chain opens up the scope for manufacturers to trace the product to their source, allowing them to grow their business keeping up with the customer demands. A suitable fleet management software can help trace the environment and energy tracking.  

Single Source Dependency  

As the Covid-19 pandemic hit, manufacturers who completely relied on partners and suppliers in one country, faced delays and correlated costs. For example, many supply chains witnessed failures as China imposed lockdowns throughout the country.  

Experts have recommended decentralizing and diversifying supply chains to survive this dynamic environment. A suitable fleet management software that offers ERP for transport and logistics allows the manufacturers to proceed with a sourcing model which is more adaptable than the older one.  

Poor Data Quality and Lack of Analysis  

This is a major issue in railroads and intermodal carriers. They provide tracking data in different formats with different standardization and consistency levels. There is a lack of analysis and reporting as well, therefore reports like transmit time, future planning and cycle time are either manual or non-existent. To overcome this challenge, opting for a centralized software solution that integrates the essential features of rail depot software and yard terminal software is ideal.     

Cold Chain Optimization  

Since there is a sudden ramp-up of vaccination production and distribution globally, supply chains controlling temperature have been put to a test. In order to maximize their efficiency. The supply chain managers need the real-time reporting which they can get from a well-developed fleet management software, for better data visibility on cold shipments with the help of technology.  

 How to Find the Right Technology to Centrally Manage Freight Forwarding, Rail Yard & Fleet Operations Effectively? 

Fleet-oriented companies tend to operate on thin margins. Therefore, their profit is heavily dependent on their operational measures. Look for ideal fleet management software providers who hold relevant skills and experience. Trident Information System is a Microsoft Gold Partner who provides all the necessary features a logistic company needs such as:  

  • Real-time GPS Tracking: An ideal Fleet management software provides real-time GPS tracking, which helps in controlling spiral fleet running and maintenance costs and real-time vehicle tracking and reporting.    

  • Manages Driver’s Behavior and Location: it tracks drivers’ behavior, previous routes, and current location. Also, it monitors the driver’s activities and driving patterns.  
  • Trip Scheduling and Route Planning: it will create trips and navigate unique routers followed by certain instructions based on traffic.  

  • Maintains and Tracks Vehicles: generates vehicle maintenance schedules and offers real-time vehicle locations. Monitors previous travel data like routes, speed, idling, and so on.  
  • Tracks Tire Efficiency:  tracks tire efficiency and generates a factsheet presenting tire efficiency and so on.  
  • Temperature Tracking: this is the feature not everyone offers; it helps with cold chain optimization by tracking the temperature needs of the goods you are supplying.   

  • Generates Reports and Analysis: this feature offers reports customized in yards, rail, cargo, and customer levels. Generates a set of reports on real-time rail terminal status and future planning.  

Transport and logistics management can be quite tricky especially during this most challenging era ever. All the challenges have one thing in common i.e., their solution – digitalization. Such organizations need a unified solution to cut time, money, and complications. Trident Information system offers ERP for transports and logistics which offers all the essentials Combined with IoT you need to run a transport and logistics business. For further information or a demo, you can contact us.