D365 Customer Support

Why is D365 Customer Support so Important for your Business?

Customers now expect businesses to provide outstanding service round-the-clock. Therefore making service quality has become a crucial competitive differentiator for businesses, and the right technology can assist them in resolving consistent issues. D365 Customer Support is one of the Top Cloud CRM options if you are looking for an integrated customer service solution.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a module for customer service automation that streamlines knowledge and case management. Further, it personalized service with a 360-degree customer view and provides visibility into service agents’ dashboards, reports, and performance. In this blog, we will further discuss how Dynamics CRM Support plays such a vital role.   

Why to Choose D365 Customer Support?

The cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Solution provides all the features your company needs to provide great customer service. Here is how it can benefit your business: 
  • Use virtual agents and knowledge base portals to automate self-service assistance. 
  • Customize experiences for Individual customers.  
  • Agents can resolve cases with on-time and accurate information. 
  • Improve your customer service operations.  

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Customer Service 

D365 Customer Support can tremendously help your business where you can Automate self-service support with knowledge-based portals and virtual agents. Therefore, with Microsoft Support for D365, you can expect the given benefits:   

Get a 360-Degree View of your Customers 

Those who still rely on siloed systems and different software to manage their customers often face too many difficulties. Therefore, with multiple software around and data all over the place makes everything go overwhelming. However, Dynamics 365 Support can get you a 360-degree view of customers as everything is managed on the same platform. Furthermore, Dynamics CRM customer service ensures you provide customized services to your customers, and they get their issues resolved ASAP. Thus, they can easily provide highly personalized and high-quality customer service fast.  

Simplified case management with a unified interface  

Saving time and boosting productivity is one of the primary benefits of D365 Customer Support. Hence, your team can leverage the easy user interface to manage and handle customers’ queries more efficiently. Further, the interactive dashboards act as a one-stop solution where agents can look through their caseloads. Therefore, quickly acting without having to look through different parts of the application. Thanks to the easy interface, your customer service executives can easily manage their caseloads.   

Easily manage community portals and knowledge bases 

Once you start working with MS Dynamics Customer Service, you can access a plethora of self-help options. In addition to, this helps in reducing call time and allows your customer service executive to focus more on high-value services. Thus, the knowledge management module will always help you create, publish, and manage your knowledge articles. Furthermore, you can use the rich text editor to add images, texts, and videos. Further, you can track how your content is performing with analytics. And also, you can check how many people viewed your articles, how they performed, and how they helped your customers. You can also build a form in the community portal where people can share tips, insights, and some useful information.  

Attend Customers with AI Capabilities  

AI capabilities can ensure you give the best D365 Customer Support. AI can assign the best-suited agent for a particular task to get the fastest and highest-quality results. Therefore, your team can answer your customers faster with AI-based suggestions. It recommends similar knowledge related to the question that has been asked. Furthermore, you can even set up the system to understand the tone of the customer and his emotions. Also, you can activate virtual bots to automate routine conversations. Therefore, allowing your agents to provide high-value interactions.   

Integrate other Microsoft Apps for Excellent Customer Service 

You can integrate other D365 products with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support such as Excel, Power BI, and Teams. Thus, helping you manage and act upon your customer requests accordingly. With the Enterprise Package, the agent will get Microsoft Teams embedded into his system. And then, he can connect with other experts from your company. If you enable AI, you can even get suggested contacts who have earlier worked on the same case. Consequently, you can get their help and provide customer support in the best way possible.   

Access Cloud-Capabilities  

Being hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud, D365 Customer Support allows you to access various cloud benefits. For instance, being able to work remotely is one of the major benefits. What’s more, your agents can work from anywhere in the world fully functionally via their desktops, tablets, or laptops. Further, cloud solutions ensure more cost-effective, efficient, and secure operations.  

Your customer support can either make or break your business’s reputation. Therefore, Using AI-based tools ensures your customers are always attended to while allowing your customer care agents to provide high-value services. D365 Customer Support can help you with streamlining your processes, providing analysis, centralizing client information, and enabling responsive customer services. For further information, you can Contact Trident Information Systems. We are a Gold Microsof