6 Ways How LS Central for Hospitality is Revolutionizing the Restaurant Experience 

Thinking of switching to LS Central? Do not delay! Get a reliable LS Central Partner in India and get started with the Best Restaurant Management ERP. Let us explain how it can revolutionize the restaurant experience. LS Central is a unified software solution for cafes, restaurants, and other foodservice businesses with a bigger perspective in real-time. LS Central is an extension to Microsoft Business Central, letting you process POS (point of sale), financials, supply chain management, operations, online channels, inventory, and customer loyalty within the same platform.  

However, many businesses tend to rely on using multiple software but, they can end up causing complexities instead, such as:  

  • Issues with integration and implementation.  
  • Large restaurants have many vendors making management tough.  
  • Establishing coordination with the software service providers.  
  • Getting support and services of the software.  
  • As the restaurant business expands or acquires new buildings the service provider might not upgrade its services for scaling.  
  • Difficulty with providing on-premise and cloud solutions together.  

You can replace all the multiple software solutions you are using now with a centralized solution. Get ready for more effective business operations and minimum waste. You can get a spot-on view of your business and make more sensible decisions with LS Central.  

LS Central as a Revolutionary Measure  

LS Central can do tremendous benefits to your business. With this centralized solution, you can manage the kitchen centrally, handle tables and optimize mobile POS. LS Central integrates your headquarters and restaurant operations with ERP.  

Better Table Management  

Use LS Central’s intuitive visuals and graphics display on every dining table depicted with different colors table availability, making guest management and tables a straightforward and error-free process. It further addresses the number of guests for registered tables and the staff they are currently serving. It ends up saving time and enhancing the overall dining experience. 

Transfer orders or parts of orders throughout different tables or different sections of the restaurant quickly and easily. For instance, you can easily book tables from both reception or bars. Hence, allow easy order transfer across the restaurant.  

Loyalty Programs  

You can uniquely connect with your customers, identify them, and understand their likings and preferences. This way, it will be easier for you to create personalized services and products based on your earlier preferences. Your business sales swear by it. Additionally, the product’s upselling and cross-selling. Let your customers earn points on purchases throughout your channels. This will allow them to use these points as a part of their transactions or access exclusive deals designed for them. You can launch special meal deals or hold happy hours accordingly.  

Data Visibility  

With LS Central you can manage prices, ingredients, menus, the campaign offers, and manage all the data up to date on touchpoints such as websites and apps. Get real-time data on your operations, stock, guests at hand and optimize it on your analytics and insight. Create data-driven strategies to minimize waste and cut costs wherever possible, increase profit as well as customer loyalty.  

Centralized Control  

You can oversee and manage your chains from the headquarters, control prices, recipes, menus, and campaigns. also, trace staff performance and communicate with your employees. Analyze current costs and revenues and identify trends and potent opportunities. Access detailed reports and data in real-time and make more logical decisions. Configure your system to each region’s fiscal and region requirements.  

Minimum Waste  

Use real-time data to minimize waste and inefficiencies, with LS Central you can price your dishes accurately and extract maximum profit. Smartly order the accurate quantities and distribute them. You can ensure your customers receive exactly what they ordered. Speedup table turns and upsells growth. Optimize floor space with table bookings. You can also plan your meals and rationalize your ingredient ordering. Minimize manual work and scope of errors with automation. One of the best benefits of LS Central is using single software throughout the business.  

Repeated Business  

LS Central offers exceptional customer service while ensuring repeated business. You can make contactless payments and orders with a mobile POS or self-ordering device on the table. Your guest can customize their orders like adding or removing something according to their preferences. There will be an accurate display of allergens and ingredient data at the POS and self-ordering devices. Also, you can align menus and pricing to real-time demand. Your customers can order food either online or on their preferred services. Lastly, you can generate loyalty programs for you and your customers.  


LS Central is a tool for revolutionary measures for a business. Trident Information Systems is a LS Central Partner in India, and have been serving many successful businesses so far. Being armed with 150+ technical resources, they have won multiple awards. For further queries or a demo contact us.