Why Business Central – Migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central

The launch of BC has posed this question to all the users of Navision as ERP what is the future?  Should they upgrade or stay on the current version?

Upgrading brings up thoughts of cost, pain, business disruption, and maybe even limited reward for all the effort. But it’s still something that one will have to evaluate as currently  NAV solution might be still meeting the needs now, however eventually support for the version will end, there will be more challenges around integrating with other applications and systems as they advance, and one can  fall behind the competition because they’re taking advantage of the latest technology has to offer.

Stability, Performance and Security

Data security is top-of-mind for most IT professionals. The Microsoft Cloud is synonymous with security and stability. With over 3,500 cyber-security professionals on staff, Microsoft is an industry leader when it comes to protecting, detecting, and responding to cyber threats. With so many IT experts in your corner, your IT staff can become more productive without having to worry about managing servers and ever-changing security regulations.

Cost Effective

Essentially, moving to the cloud is a financial shift that reallocates ERP spend from infrastructure, costly servers, and upgrades to licensing fees. In fact, transitioning from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 is the final ‘upgrade’ you’ll ever have to pay for. Once you have implemented Dynamics 365, updates happen frequently, and at no cost, ensuring you’re always on the most recent version.

Integrated Modern Platform

Dynamics 365 Business Central features an intuitive look and feel that will help reduce training and ramp-up time for users because it’s easy to use and similar to other Microsoft solutions. Additionally, Business Central can be accessed anywhere, at any time – giving users the flexibility to work no matter where they are. The deep integration with the Business Central Cloud solution and O365 is the best starting point on your journey to consider the move from NAV to Business Central Cloud creating best work from Home Solution.

Digital Transformation

With Dynamics 365, businesses can easily embrace the benefits of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to become more efficient and reduce manual processes. Machine Learning can help with equipment monitoring, spam filtering, ad targeting, image detection, forecasting, and much more. Microsoft’s Power Platform, made up of Power BI, Flow, and Power Apps, gives you better data that is more accurate and timely to help you make better business decisions.

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