Integrations Helps Logistics Company Wield Tighter Control and plug Revenue Leakages

“Post the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we conducted a survey among our customers. And, the result was almost 100% jump in satisfaction levels with the company’s services.”

GatewayRail provides multimodal logistics solutions across its various operational areas – rail, road, terminals and Inland Container Depots (ICD). It owns and operates a fleet of 21 trains and over 235 road trailers at its rail linked terminals.

Playing in the logistics business, the company’s business success and growth is a factor of the visibility it has across its operations. Thus, warranting an integrated approach. Transitioning from a distributed IT set-up to a centralized system and powered with real-time data, GatewayRail not only ups customer satisfaction 100% but also gives management better control over the operations.

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