Case Study – Nik Bakers : Using LS Retail to Increase Sales & Revenue  

Founded in 2006 by an Australia-return chef Nikhil Mittal, his father Mr. Vinod Mittal, Brother Mr. Nittin Mittal, Nik Bakers has rapidly ripened into a famous brand popular for its bread, cookies, cakes, and other mouth-watering delicacies. Chef Nik’s passion for freshly baked delectable and unparalleled designed products is the key component for its success. 

His zeal and hard work paid off in the form of a successful venture that received awards such as Indian Restaurant Awards 2012, Times Food Awards, Times Food Awards 2013, and various medals.  

Since Nik’s debut, they have strived to provide employment opportunities for women. 90% of its employees are women and 80% of them are new to baking when they join the company. Nik Bakers gives back to the community by sharing his love for baking.  

As Nik began to expand, they noticed the inability of their current business management approach and decided to automate their operations. After conducting thorough research and considering various retail management software alternatives, they decided to use the complete LS Retail solution. Trident Information Systems helped them in implementing and attaining their desired outcomes.  

Business Problems  

  • Inefficient data due to juggling through different systems such as tally ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), email, and spreadsheets.  
  • Disparate systems demanded dedicated time and workforce.   
  • Using different systems required regular maintenance and upgrades. 
  • Legacy POS (point of sale) systems would not exceed their billing abilities. 
  • Inability to see the real status of inventory at the outlets. 
  • Supply chain planning was hectic and became a tedious task. 
  • Unsystematic communication would disturb the replenishment process.  
  • Their management approach was adding more costs.  

Business Needs  

  • A unified retail management solution that brings together every retail management tool within the same platform.  
  • A POS solution that surpasses traditional billing systems and enables additional features. 
  • A solution that requires minimal maintenance and upgrades without disturbing the business’s ecosystem.  
  • Real-time inventory updates and tracking across all the outlets.  
  • A solution that simplifies and automates supply chain planning. 
  • A unified solution that cuts implementation and upgrades costs.  

 Solutions Provided by Trident Information Systems  

Nik Baker’s core targets were customer satisfaction and product availability. It was getting hard for them to achieve this with their management systems. So, they decided to shift them to an all-in-one approach.  

  • A unified front office and back-office solution for a streamlined business ecosystem. 
  • Consolidated finance management to accelerate reconciliation.  
  • Promotion and loyalty program management with reports on clients. 
  • Recipe management for better cost controlling. 
  • Real-time product availability tracking and updating.  
  • Linked replenishment with the POS system to speed up the process.  
  • Automate the planning process with POS.  
  • Predictive sales forecast data with smart shipment planning.   

Benefits to Business  
 After implementing the LS Retail solution, Nik Baker could witness enhanced business productivity. The solution delivered numerous benefits such as:  

  • Financial reconciliation became faster with a consolidated finance management system.  
  • Their working capital could free up and engage in other productive activities.  
  • Witnessed a more rapid return on investment.  
  • With sales forecast data, the business could manage its inventory better.  
  • The planning process became a lot simpler, and the predictive sales forecast added benefits.  
  • Replenishment did not require direct communication between employees any longer, instead, the POS system was efficient enough to manage it.  
  • With reports on customer data, the business could offer more influential loyalty programs, promotions, and offers. Therefore, boosting sales.   

Why LS Retail Solution? 
 When you implement the LS Retail solution, you can access a complete suite of all the retail management functionalities, while saving on your IT costs which includes software administration. In addition, it streamlines your overall business as everything is accessible on the same platform.  

 An all-in-one POS Solution  

The Point-of-Sale solution outraces your legacy billing software. It as