Trident's Engagement Models
Hire or get dedicated offshore resources / support for your project development, a team of experts with all levels of experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365 & LS Retail

Resources & Dedicated Support for Your Project

Trident's Engagement Models

Outsource Project Development

Get comprehensive services for your project development and services.

Staff Augmentation

Access more than 100+ Technical & Functional Experts with reasonable price

Project Implementations and Roll Outs

quick implementation and roll-out solutions to incorporate multiple business processes

Migration & Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Get Trident’s support or resources for your project migration or upgrade


Development Services

Dynamics 365 services and offshore development services to end users & partners globally

Consulting Services to D365 & LS Retail

Consulting services to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365 F&O /Business Central) and LS Retail

Engagement Models for Your Business

Virtual Employee Model

  • We provide an expert software professional (cloud employee) dedicated to your project. It can either be an expert or a team of experts depending on your requirements.
  • A virtual employee is no different than your permanent employee. The only differences are the lack of hiring, HR, and payroll hassle. You can avoid them all with a cloud employee.
  • The virtual employee will dedicate all his time to your project and will report to you directly.
  • The virtual employee can work from any of our worldwide location
  • He will follow you up daily while abiding by your business policies.

Project Based Model

  • This is a time-bound engagement model which is best suited for projects where the requirement will remain the same throughout the development process.
  • In this model, we collect your business requirements using confluence and choose a team to work on the project.
  • We employ a dedicated technical project manager who consistently reports and updates you throughout the project’s life cycle.
  • We follow the Agile Scrum process of software development (using Jira).
  • A flat project-based fee is determined before initiating the project.
  • We can operate from any of our global development centers.

Scrum Team Model

  • The Scrum Team Model is meant for short-term development projects. For example, it is best when you need a team of experts to work on one of your software modules or a certain phase of development to speed up your product development.
  • A full-fledged team of software developers can work as an extension of your team to bolster the development cycle.
  • We maintain a strict information transfer policy and can work on a “need to know” basis if you are concerned about protecting your IP.
  • You can scale up or down your scrum team as per your requirements.
  • We can operate from any of our global development centers.

Project Execution Methodology

Waterfall Approach : Sequential Process + Rigorous Software Planning

The supply chain involves multiple interlinked layers. Hence, disruptions are pretty common. Manufacturers cannot eliminate them but control them to a great extent. With a centralized database, automation, and complete operational and financial insights, Dynamics 365 for manufacturing provides intuitive and real-time control in a single platform.

Agile Approach : Faster Iteration + Dynamic Engagement

This approach is ideal for enterprises demanding assistance on an existing project, or legacy software. You can leverage the Milestone project check-ins to define the project, requirements, progress, and expectations. Trident’s waterfall approach can handle the strict regulatory requirements with definitive documentation – working step-by-step through your pre-set methodologies and processes of releases and integration

Fixed Application Builds with Predefined Scope

If your business requires enterprise-grade precision and has a defined scope with pre-defined requirements, the pre-set process and predefined engagement metrics are ideal for you. It is further suited for businesses with a fixed budget or a fixed application to build, or for enterprises needing a project-orientation solution.

Details of Available Resources for Dedicated Offshore Support

Check below are details of our Business Central/LS Retail Consultants who are immediately available remotely for your Offshore Project Requirements.

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